Escape From Planet Earth Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Blue Yonder Films, GRF Productions, Jon Shestack Productions
Running Time: 89 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Animated features, especially ones marketed to children, always seem like very cosy places for actors to retreat to when they just want to wind down and do something fun for a bit. It’s not especially challenging work, it doesn’t take very long, and it can be quite fun to do something different for a bit. Somehow, for these reasons, I assume, Escape From Planet Earth has an all-star cast of veteran actors providing voices for it that any other mainstream movie would kill to have. And at the end of the day, it’s that aspect of it that provides the only real interest in this movie, which otherwise is a fairly generic picture that even your children would probably only want to watch once or twice.

escape-from-planet-earth-movie review

Scorch Supernova (Fraser) is the hotshot space ace pilot of BASA, the astronauts of the alien planet Baab. He receives a distress call that sends him to the “Dark Planet” (actually Earth) and there finds himself in so much trouble that it’s up to his brother Gary (Corddry) to come and rescue him. On Earth they have to match wits with the fiendish General Shanker (played by William Shatner) and both defeat him, free Scorch and find their way back home.


Filling out the rest of this star-studded affair is Sarah Jessica Parker as Gary’s wife; Jessica Alba as a BASA technician, Craig Robinson, Jane Lynch and George Lopez as assorted other aliens, and Sofia Vergara as a newsreader. Several other comedians fill out minor roles, and it’s fun for any adult coerced into watching this to pick up some of the voices of favorite characters in the form of CG. As for the movie itself, there’s not much more to say really, Escape delivers on its promise of an intensely non-confrontational feel-good kid’s movie; it doesn’t push the boundaries in anyway, but should give the kiddies a decent distraction for an hour or two.

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