The Entitled

Age Restriction:
Studio: Anchor Bay Films
Running Time: 91 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Kevin Zegers has a vast body of work to his name, but without seeming like one of those actors that is gaping at you from every movie poster and grinning on every red carpet in town. He has a great intensity on screen and knows how to choose roles that make the most of this aspect.

TheEntitled movie review

He brings his quiet intensity to The Entitled as Paul Dynan – a working class kid, down on his luck and disillusioned with his place in the world. He plans to change this though and his intent, along with the film’s winding narrative, often leaves you doubtful of who is really at fault in the ensuing dilemmas.

The film starts off fairly slowly and the connections between the various characters are not clear at first. Paul then devises a plan wherein he, his girlfriend and their unhinged partner Dean kidnap a trio of their counterparts; namely, the upper class elite: Jeff, Hailey and Nick.

The Entitled movie review

As the socialites head off to their luxurious vacation homes for yet another family getaway (they even refer to it as “a cabin in the woods”) and are stupid enough to be trapped by Paul and his partners, there is a moment’s hesitation as you wonder with trepidation whether this is just another episode of kids buying the farm. However, the way the plot and other characters have been set up thus far makes it seem unlikely and thankfully it turns out to be something different.

At this point it plays out quite predictably for a while and the characters are shallow stereotypes of their class and age. Things quickly improve with an almost playful dynamic that is created between the characters as they are played off against each other, a tension that is mirrored in the fathers of the rich students.

The film has a tendency to moralise and make assumptions, but not so much that it becomes irritating. Everything ultimately comes together to build up the tension in preparation for a twist that ties the story together quite neatly and unexpectedly.

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