Dino Time Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: CJ Entertainment, Myriad Pictures, Toiion
Running Time: 90 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

Dino Time features on its cover, of course, several dinosaurs. It also features a plucky adventures young preteen on a skateboard, and his two companions, a sporty girl and a nerdy nervous boy. This convinces me of one thing. The ‘90’s are back, and sooner than we would have ever imagined; with all the horror that entails.

review Dino_Time

Ernie and his sister Julie, together with their friend Max, discover that Max’s father is working on a time machine, as one does. They soon activate it by accident, and find themselves in a lose definition of what might be termed the age of dinosaurs. There, Tyra, (Griffith) a T-Rex mother, adopts the kids as members of her family, which include spunky son Dodger (Schneider). From there I suppose they might have to find a way back home, if they really want to. None of the kids ever seem in that much of a rush, but I suppose it’s expected.


Dino Time is created by a South Korean film studio, so I am rather pleased that they found so much in terms of big names willing to commit to a global release. Jane Lynch plays Ernie’s mom, and she has by this stage now done several animated movies, proving she has some talent at it. On the other hand, the film does also include two failed Baldwin’s and Rob Schneider, so there’s mixed blessings throughout.

Dinosaurs are cool, especially for little boys. Dinosaurs are still cool for me, and this is the sort of movie I would have wanted to see when I was 8 and under. In that sense, it’s an achievement, and at the very least is better for your kids than a lot of other things on TV nowadays. The DVD also comes with free stickers, and that’s always fun too.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8pDKiCOkHU’]

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