Devil Seed Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Matchbox Pictures Inc., Player Entertainment Group
Running Time: 108 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

I pity the poor souls that sit through the 108 minutes of torture known as Devil Seed (aka The Devil in Me). In fact watching the impact of the film on viewers might be more entertaining than actually watching this low-budget flick.

The story centers around Alex, a college student that decides to shack up with her “gal pals” for the holidays. They decide to have one last party before they head back to their studies. After a night of partying slowly dies down, Alex and Jessica decide to get their palms read. Once Alex’s palm gets read things take a turn for the worst – made apparent by a rather freaked out, wide-eyed psychic. Devil_Seed review Once this initial introduction passes, Devil Seed proceeds to borrow from others for the rest of the way. It is cliché after cliché. Alex goes through the usual possession blues: inflicting damages upon herself, sexualized horrors, speaking in weird tongues and doing handstands in hallways. It offers nothing that the viewer has not seen before, so the scares are mild at best. Surprisingly, the special effects were not too bad. Yet despite this, the movie still seems very low-budget. Firstly, the actresses are unknowns that have no potential in furthering a career in this field of work. The camera techniques give off a low-budget feel as well. It is almost as though feel you are watching an end of year practical project for some poor acting college. Their lecturer should be fired for not equipping these actors and actresses with proper acting skills. I think the director noticed that the acting was poor and decided to through in some nudity in the hopes of a saving grace. Devil_Seed review Sure Devil Seed is a B-Grade flick, but at least some B-Grades manage to still be creative. Devil Seed seems like a history lesson of scares that you have already experienced. You could even invite some friends over and start your own trivia game of, “Guess where that scene was copied from?” So unless you have life hours to waste, stay away from this movie. The only thing it leaves the viewer is disappointment.

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