Creed Review

Genre: , ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Myer (MGM), Warner Bros.
Running Time: 133 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

The much-anticipated spinoff to Rocky is everything you expected with some bolo punches you just won’t see coming.

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Michael B. Jordan is the star of this motion who plays Adonis Johnson (Creed)- a boxer raw in his talent just looking to throw a punch and a trainer to teach him how. Forever in his father’s shadow, Johnson looks to make his own name in the boxing world- leading him right to Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). The former underdog who came from rags to riches, takes the current underdog who comes from riches under his wings to make him into an opponent to be contested with.

You can definitely see a lot of similarities between the old school classic and the new age boxing movie. From the training montage (a scene that no sporting movie can not do without), to an egg scene that will leave you smiling looking like you know something others don’t. If you’ve watched Rocky before, you will look out for these and as soon as you see them, they will give you a sense of nostalgic comfort.


The stellar performance is not only delivered in front of the camera but also behind as Ryan Coogler shows off his cinematic techniques and directing skills. Highlighting Philadelphia, it’s treasures (including the Philly cheesesteak) and the very real love that Rocky Balboa has there, as this legend never stops receiving the respect that so rightfully belongs to him.

Creed does follow a formula that is way to familiar in more ways than one, almost making it predictable. But because of it’s plot twists, it does give you those “I didn’t see that coming” moments, which give it it’s fresh factor.


Great knockout scenes; great one-liners; sound mixed and panned to perfection; edited beautifully to really convey the story of the generation that was, the generation that is and the passing of the torch from one legend to the next upcoming one.

With an ending that doesn’t quite satisfy one’s hunger, one can only hope for a sequel (or six- with the last one being a spinoff that will spawn another generations’ sports action drama. Which in turn will have six sequels- with the last being a spinoff that will spawn another generations’ sports action drama, etc.)

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