Children of Sorrow Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: After Dark Films
Running Time: 85 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Children of the sorrow could be described as a typical cult movie, however it absolutely extends this definition of eerie and sinister, taking horror it into new realms of utter creepiness. It is guaranteed to give you the chills, and not the good kind.


A movie based on the killings of several people whose bodies were found in the dessert, it follows the general structure of a cult movie and is shot in hand held found-footage style.

Simon Leache (Bill Oberst Jr) and his wife Mary (Whitney Nielsen ) plan to restart his cult. We are quickly educated about his plans to deceive new potential followers and are taken through the formation of their new ‘holy’ quarters. Ellen (Hannah Levien) joins this suspicious cult to find the answers and hopefully the culprits of her sister’s death. She is welcomed by a variety of different characters within this small community of broken people. Each day they perform chores, attend holy ceremonies and engage in self-reflection sessions with Simon personally. At first she is very aware and critical of her leader and his accomplice’s strange manner but soon becomes sucked into Simone’s charismatic leader’s charm. As predicted from the start things turn dark very quickly. ¬

children-of-sorrow review

The “found footage” style made following the story very confusing. First it seems as if the video aims to portray the cult in a positive light, in which case this style is perfectly plausible, however as the movie progresses their crimes are also recorded making the entire script setting very disjointed. Although the cult movie style does lent its self to gruesome and uneasy scenes there are many unnecessarily violent and overly explicit scenes that in the end have no ties to the storyline and add the overall confusion of the script. The story does have some merit in the beginning making an enticing foundation for a good story. This is, however, broken as it begins to sag towards the middle, and complete tear it’s self apart as it reaches a pinnacle of horrific and unwatchable violence.

The special effects and make up are convincing and well treated. However terrible and disjointed the script, the movie contains some very believable and talented acting through out the cast. This film is a little too offbeat, with major story flaws, pointless sexual and violently graphic scenes it just doesn’t seem worth nightmares.

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