Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, Disney
Running Time: 147 mins

Verdict: 4.5 / 5

A few years ago after watching Captain America Winter Soldier I thought, “Could Marvel ever top this?” We got Guardians of the Galaxy, which was great, then Ant-Man, which proved to be more than just the flavour of the month, but now we have the best Marvel film ever in Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War

There is no Loki mind warping and no Scarlet Witch temporal tinkering, this war comes as a result of politics. General Thunderbolt Ross makes a return after a good few years as he is tired of seeing the Avengers make their own rules and not face any repercussions for their actions and the collateral damage it causes. The Sokovia Papers (named after the country Ultron tried to annihilate humanity with) are drawn up and these papers wish to make the Avengers a task force controlled and commanded by The United Nations. Being the voice of freedom, Captain America does not agree with the terms of the contract. However, Tony Stark sees his allies as the greatest threat to mankind. A rift is created, one which is only made worse thanks to the return of The Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier has spent two years in hiding trying to remember his past, his relationships and his friendships. He is flushed out of hiding and is deemed to be the world’s deadliest war criminal. This sets the scene for Steve and his group of followers as they rebel against Iron Man and his new found ideals.

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is truly a “versus” movie, one which shows just how polarised the two main characters are. They are foils of one another and they both believe that their actions are for the greater good. This makes it difficult to watch at times as you have friends and former allies bloodying one another. We witness one of the greatest team rosters go head to head after factions are drawn.

The new additions to the film, Black Panther and Spider-Man, just add so much value to this film. They fit right in and their costumes are simply breathtaking. Captain America: Civil War boasts several intense and perfectly choreographed action scenes. Spider-Man and The Black Panther really added to this as they brought their own skill set to the battle.

Captain America: Civil War

This Spider-Man is spectacular. He is young, mouthy and true to the comic version. Marvel also goes on to explain the reason why his lenses are able to change in size. Black Panther has a major role and is quite a prominent figure in this film. He desires to hunt down and kill the Winter Soldier. Ant-Man also proves that he is more than capable of handling his own. His introduction to the film feels natural and adds some great comedic value.

With the wealth of characters on display, Captain America: Civil War maintains the fact that this is a Captain America cinematic arc. You can feel that this movie is about him and his character is not lost amongst all the action and storytelling.

Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man

Iron Man also gets a great amount of focus, so you can definitely feel his importance to the film. Both of the main protagonists have ideals that are believable and these ideals will have fans questioning what they value is right. You will definitely find yourself choosing a faction in this one.

The story is a serious one, yet it has its light-hearted humorous moments which are executed flawlessly. There is the complaint that Marvel is not dark enough, that they are too kid friendly, but this film renders that argument invalid. It is dark where it needs to be and has a complex story geared towards the adult viewer. Everything links to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel is heading in the right direction.

Friendships and allegiances will be tested. Who will you align yourself with in this Civil War? Captain America: Civil War is the product of perfect timing, proper planning, and good storytelling. It does not have the shortcomings that Age of Ultron had and it is definitely the strongest Marvel film thus far. In the comic “versus” genre, it has claimed victory with a knockout!

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