Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Oscilloscope Laboratories and Soaring Flight Productions
Running Time: 98 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Brooklyn Brothers is a tale of self-discovery… Alex, a singer-songwriter finds himself in a dark place – recently dumped by “the love of his life”, and abandoned by his 3rd band.


Ryan O’Nan, writer and director of Brooklyn Brothers also plays the role of Alex. A real estate agent by day, and a muso by night, Alex is determined to become a professional musician no matter who his audience is.

Gifted with the talent of writing depressing lyrics on the spot, Alex finds a musical partner in the man who stalks and kidnaps him. This ‘unfortunate’ encounter of meeting Jim, a guy who calls himself a musical revolutionary by using children’s toys as instruments but lacks the ability to write songs, Alex has to decide whether to join Jim on a tour across the country or move back in with his brother.

A road trip, with a surreal car ride of making music, begins their musical debut tour and the start to a beautiful friendship. Then enter Cassidy. The love interest, and typical rock chick who gets the guys their start, but hijacks the two-man wolf pack tour. These three strangers embark on the journey of learning about themselves and each other, through good times and bad.


A movie that surprised me by being annoyingly cliché – with the added nausea of montages and flashbacks, did however have a really good score. The music made by Alex and Jim, the “Brooklyn Brothers”, was a mix of synth pop meets Disney Junior, paired with an acoustic guitar and soothing male vocals.

Arielle, who played Cassidy, really nailed her part as the irritating alternative rock chick, which I’m not sure was intentional. But what really stood out was the uncle and nephew relationship between Alex and his brother’s son – the two shared the bond of music and being different to their conservative family.
With a lot of slightly offensive comedy comes the tale of a bromance, fostered out of the love of music and the lack of money both share.

In my opinion the movie had a disappointing ending, an all-round unimaginative script, and a bad case of alliteration. However, Jim has a lot of life lessons of what the music is really about, as well as the unforgettable story about Jimmy Johnson!

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