A Bird of the Air

Age Restriction:
Studio: Tashtego Films
Running Time: 100mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, A Bird of the Air, an offbeat indie romance film based on the novel The Loop by Joe Coomer, does everything in its power to provide charm and wit. Sadly, the writers require the aid of pets, quirky characters and a predictable storyline to conjure up soppiness in this boy meets girl, boy meets bird tale. Once you learn to forget about the silly bird and the story you’ll realize that the actors actually have far more appeal.

a bird of the air review

A feisty free-spirited librarian, Fiona (Rachel Nichols) sets her eyes on Lyman (Jackson Hurst), a reserved college student in his thirties who spends his nights working for the New Mexico highway department. At first he resists all advances by Fiona, but when she discovers his fascination with a Bible quoting parrot, the two begin to hit it off in a weird-cute-awkward-sweet kind of way (who would have guessed?). Together they set off to find the origins of the bird’s vocabulary, working through a succession of previous owners. Why you may ask? I have no idea. It offers no revelations.

a bird of the air

Although the script needed a few more drafts and a more inspiring director, A Bird of the Air (the title inspired by a verse in Ecclesiastes) is ultimately an enthralling story of a man who says too little and a woman who says too much. Sure, it’s gimmicky and clichéd, but thanks to Rachel Nichols it’s a watchable film. If you just happen to come across it in the video store, and you just happen to be in the mood for some indie romance, you could do a lot worse than A Bird of the Air.

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