Big Hero 6 Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Disney, Marvel
Running Time: 102 minutes

Verdict: 4 / 5

Disney’s latest animation offering has arrived right on time, just ahead of Christmas and the school holidays. This year Disney treats the boys to a blockbuster film, yes last year’s offering was a bit too girly for some. Big Hero 6 is an action packed adventure thanks to it being a Marvel and Disney collaboration, even though Disney owns Marvel. It stands out among what Disney has offered in recent years and this why.


Yes, it is based off of a Marvel Comic which tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young, extremely talented, individual that has a knack for all technology… especially robots. Hiro, however, seems to be wasting his talents, after graduating High school at the age of 13, he has taken up a life of petty crime by becoming a Bot-Fighter. Earning some money by hustling those that gamble on the Bot Fights. Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi, wants his little brother to become more, to leave his name in history, introducing him to the world of advanced robotics and science. Taken by what lies before him, Hiro has an epiphany and realises his calling. All he has to do is become a student and work alongside his brother and his “Nerd” friends at “Nerd” School. But this is easier said than done.

Tadashi introduces Hiro to Baymax, his very own project. A chubby vinyl robot that’s entire focus is on nursing individual’s back to health. Baymax is a very literal character that does not think much further than his purpose of existence. He is a somewhat clumsy, robot that lacks dexterity. So the viewer would never think he is going to be at the centre of the Big Hero 6. After Hiro invents a project that blasts everyone away at a Science Fair, he is immediately accepted as a student but tragedy strikes in an instant. The venue explodes, Hiro loses his tech but ultimately Hiro loses his brother; leaving him lonely, demotivated and hating…life. But all is not as it seems as a man in a Mask shows up with a weaponised version of the project that Hiro thought had gone up in flames. In order to combat evil Hiro would need someone…or something capable of standing up to the enemy and Baymax could be just that.


The opening of the movie will have you enthralled from the get go. It grasps your attention with the beautiful colours of San Fransokyo and you jump right into some great Bot Fighting action. The environment is rich in colour, especially metallic and luminous colours. The character designs look great, it has a bit of a Frozen look to it but thankfully it does not have the songs that went with it! It is also being shown in 3D, I happened to go and watch the 3D version however I do not recall a single moment of exceptional 3D special effects at all, not even the typical shattering of 3D glass is present here. The real great thing that works well in this film has to be the dialogue between the characters. Even though it is an animation; the feelings and interactions that the characters share with the viewer feels real. This is what wins the viewer over, even more than the action scenes. The sad part is that the focus moves away from the characters towards the end and it becomes more about the action. But I am sure that some viewers will simply be interested in seeing further interactions between as this is even more entertaining. To the older viewer the story might be a bit too predictable; I know I saw each and every surprise way before the time. The Post-Credits Easter Egg was about the only thing I did not see coming! (Yes, there is one…Marvel collaboration remember) But younger viewers will definitely not see the little twists and turns that await them in this tale of brotherhood, friendship and responsibility. This film is heart-warming for the most part and makes for good family fun that has a great moral at its core. Even though this is definitely Disney XD material, it will entertain girls as well. There are strong female characters present in the story who desire to build next level technology…they do not have time for a Snowman.


I am sure Big Hero 6 is well on its way to breaking records worldwide and deservedly so; it is a great story with a great cast that brings youth to this the script and its characters. I would definitely recommend that parents take their kids to see this movie. It is good, clean family fun that offers a great moral amongst all of the action and danger that surrounds the characters. Big Hero 6 will make you want to be a hero whilst teaching the viewer the importance of friends and family and what justice truly is.

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