Barefoot Review

Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Whiteflame Productions
Running Time: 86 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

Jay Wheeler (Scott Speedman) is mopping floors at a psychiatric hospital as part of his probation sentence. Struggling to pay his debts, he is constantly looking over his shoulder. His brother is to marry the following weekend and his mother insists that he attends, even though he has been estranged from the family.


Meanwhile Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood) is emitted upon the assumption that she is mentally unstable. With claims of hearing voices, her history of isolation doesn’t count in her favour. That same evening Jay defends her from being assaulted and makes for the airport. Daisy follows him like a lost puppy. He takes pity on her and treats her with great respect and patience. He agrees to take her with him, even though he knows he faces a heap of trouble upon return. Perhaps he finds her innocence refreshing, and it would be a great comfort not to face his father alone.

This 2005 remake of Barfuss received a lot of criticism, but despite the harsh critique Barefoot is endearing, thanks to Wood’s performance. In all honesty, the film could’ve cut the first 7 minutes displaying Jay as a womanizing pretty boy. The film and the love story only starts when he mops the floor. It is one those films that will leave you with a smile, no matter it’s flaws.

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