The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: Marvel Enterprises, Avi Arad Productions, Columbia Pictures
Running Time: 142 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

Spider-man will he be fighting too many villains again? From the minute they announced the amount of villains in this sequel many fans got flashbacks of Spider-Man 3. Make no mistake about it, The Amazing Spider-Man sequel is not that movie. Instead, it is an enjoyable film that is guaranteed to succeed at the box office.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) can no longer hide behind his mask. Behind his cool, suave persona we have a hero that is filled with emotional turmoil. He sees Captain Stacy in every action he takes, leaving Peter an emotional wreck. He is haunted by his past to the point that he has blinded his future. Although Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter are now dating, the girl that makes him happy also makes him feel guilty as Peter’s honour begins to challenge his love. From the opening we can see that this movie is going to be an emotional ride, but at the same time it is a love story and the romance is definitely going to leave some women weak at the knees. Many of Peter’s relationships are put to the test in this sequel, especially with his old friend Harry Osborne moving back into town to inherit Oscorp from his dying father.

Andrew Garfield proves that he is Peter Parker. He nails the character on the head perfectly this time around. His emotions seem real and he embodies this youthful superhero so well. Peter is a youngster being given responsibilities beyond his years and Garfield makes this emotional rollercoaster realistic. Our Protagonist makes some great, witty jokes and comebacks in this film; ones that will make you think “Classic Spider-Man”. Emma Stone is very impressive too. She shows just how strong a female lead can be. She is pretty but isn’t used only for eye candy. She is just as strong a character and as important to the film as Spider-Man himself. In some ways I would go as far as to say that she becomes Spidey’s side-kick. Thanks to these two actors this sequel has a great romance story to it, which surely saves this movie at times.

The action sequences are also admirable, as The Amazing Spider-man 2 uses some of the best choreography that I have seen in this genre. It sports more effective slow motion 3D scenes than its predecessor, but the action scenes are not being used merely as a gimmick. Instead, they are thoroughly enjoyable and show us the many talents of our masked vigilante. You can expect a little bit of everything when it comes to the fights; from aerial battles to dodging bullets as if he were stuck in The Matrix. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has it all. But the one thing it lacks is in the villain department.

This sequel has three villains listed to face-off against the Web-head. Max Dillion aka Electro (Jamie Foxx) is definitely the most threatening of the three. When we meet Max he is a nobody, a man that wishes others would see him and acknowledge his existence. After being saved by Spider-Man, Max becomes a little obsessed with his saviour. He desires to be Spider-Man’s best friend and will accept nothing less. But all this is about to change when he becomes Electro. Max Dillion built Oscorp’s Hydroelectric grid and was not thanked for it, so when his very invention gives him a birthday to remember he becomes reborn as Electro. Misunderstood, Max tries to stay calm but the current makes his persona switch and clouds his judgement within a few minutes. Electro feels betrayed by Spider-Man following their first encounter and this little tiff becomes enough motivation to validate Electro’s desire to destroy New York and all those that go against him or even forget his name.

Harry’s reasoning as to why he wants to become a villain is also petty. He has inherited his family curse and believes that the blood of Spider-Man holds the key to him living a life that is free from his disease and family curse. When he asks his friend Peter to ask Spider-Man for his blood, Peter says he can’t and Harry has a hissy fit. After throwing a tantrum, Peter agrees to ask Spider-Man. This leads to Spider-Man breaking Harry’s hope and he feels betrayed by both his friend and Spider-man. Tempted to find a cure, the Goblin is born and he suits up to fight Spider-Man. The Green Goblin truly looks psychotic and deformed, with his suit keeping him alive. Whilst the look seems rather believable, his whole appearance seems a tad bit rushed. I would have liked to see a little bit more aerial clashing between the two heroes, especially since their fight scenes are done so well. DeHaan pulls off his role as Harry quite well. His selfish and wicked nature comes to the fore long before the Goblin does, making his transition into a villain solid. He is clever, cold and calculated, just like a real spoilt brat.

The Rhino serves one purposes only; to introduce the fact that a third instalment will follow. In the trailers some people hated the concept of a mecha rhino, after seeing the film…the hatred remains as Rhino is sort of like a living tank filled with weapons such as missiles and machine guns. The suit that simply amps up his strength and speed, whilst making him impenetrable, would have done the job perfectly, but not this! The suits seems to be designed for a reason and Harry is fully aware of what is to come, leaving viewers lapping for more information!

Names are dropped, a follow up is teased and the story of Peter’s parents is explained as he longs to find out more about his father and why he “dumped” him with his Aunt and Uncle. This film feels like Spider-Man and this is what makes it great; the youthful romance is easy to relate to and true to the comics. The gags are great too. The only drawback, once again, will have to be the villains that are motivated by such petty personal problems and this holds the movie back.

Whilst it is better than its predecessor, The Amazing Spiderman 2 is not without its share of flaws. This, however, does not take anything away from it being thoroughly enjoyable. It has a few cheesy moments, but it is nowhere as near as cheesy as Tobey Maguire doing pelvic thrusts in public. Andrew Garfield proves that he is the superior Spider-Man; that he is the true Peter Parker and viewers will agree that he pulls it off in this one. This movie will be a great choice for Free Comic Book Day viewing. It is definitely amazing, but falls just short of being spectacular.

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