204: Getting Away With Murder – Review

Age Restriction:
Studio: 204 Productions
Running Time: 113 minutes

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Does South Africa need another discussion of Brett Kebbles murder? The notorious businessman was killed 10 years ago, and since then, it feels like not 6 months has gone by without a new book or feature being released that discusses the events in some way or another. It’s all enough to make you quite sick with the public fascination for high profile murders. However, putting that aside, 204 is a well-made documentary that covers the pertinent facts of the murder to a good level of detail. If you know only the basic information around this case, and wish you knew more, 204 is probably a good single source to use.

204 Getting Away With Murder - 01

The title of the film comes from the criminal code in South Africa that allows for immunity from prosecution if a deal is made with the state for information. The title is particularly linked with the three murderers of Kebble, who accepted such an arrangement, and are interviewed and given free reign to describe the story from their sides for the first complete time in this film. This does give the documentary a unique quality, as well as a good framework to begin its discussions from.

The pertinent events surrounding all the figures in this messy event are described, and a particular focus is made on the nature of justice, as the title might imply. The director is particularly concerned with the idea that those who deserve punishment have escaped justice, and goes to great lengths to see how far the web of influences spread.

204 Getting Away With Murder - 02

This news is not especially topical, but with the benefit of hindsight of a decade, the information collected here is well discussed and presented. If you are sick of anything to do with Kebble, this DVD will do nothing for you. However, if you are curious and don’t know your Agliotti’s from your Selebi’s, and you need a complete overview, this would be worth a watch.

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