It’s The End Of An Era. Monopoly Says Goodbye To One Of Their Iconic Pieces

Many of us grew up playing Monopoly and, if your family was anything like mine, there would have been a huge fight about who would get to play as which piece (admit it, the top hat is awesome). Well, now thanks to a fan vote one of the board game’s iconic pieces will be retiring.

End Of An Era As Monopoly Says Goodbye To One Of Their Iconic Pieces

After a month long vote, fans have finally decided on which Monopoly piece should be the first to be retired. Fans were able to vote on which eight pieces should be included in future editions of the board game, and unfortunately, the thimble was the one voted out by fans. And while 4 million fans voted, it is still sad that the iconic piece will not be included in future editions of the board game. There were also a few new pieces which fans could vote for. These included a penguin, a television set, a rubber duck, a bunny slipper and the Mr. Monopoly emoji.

Hasbro agrees that it might be time for the thimble to call it a day.

“Despite being an integral part of day-to-day life when the token was originally added to the game in 1935, the lucky Thimble has lost its ‘shine’ with today’s fans, and will be retired from the game,”

Hasbro will be revealing which final eight pieces will be included in future editions on the 19th of March. Here’s hoping that the top hat makes the cut. It might just break my heart not having the old guy in Monopoly anymore. Which piece do you think should make the cut?

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  1. nadia says:

    definitely the car