Jason Todd Faces Off Against Pennywise In This New Fan Film

Ever wondered what would happen if one of horror’s scariest clowns ever crossed over into the DC universe? Well, wonder no more as an awesome new fan film, titled Red Hood IT, pits DC’s Red Hood against horror’s most iconic clown, Pennywise. It seems that the Batman Family just can’t get away from scary men in face paint.

Jason Todd Faces Off Against Pennywise In The Red Hood IT Fan Film

The fan film imagines a universe where Pennywise, the clown from the recent horror film IT and Stephen King’s novel of the same name, exists alongside the DC’s Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. We see Jason tracking the Joker only to realise that Gotham’s clown problems might be more supernatural than he first anticipated. As can be expected, Jason sets out killing and maiming some bad guys before finally coming face-to-face with the titular evil clown.

Fan films have always had the freedom to explore ideas and possibilities that would probably never see the light of day if it was up to the people in charge. The best part is that sometimes these ideas tend to work really well, which, in this case, does. Incorporating the supernatural entity that is Pennywise into the DC universe strangely feels right as it’s possible to imagine the nightmare clown wondering the dark gothic streets of Gotham. Without spoiling anything, the film does see another member of the Bat-family make an appearance. Unfortunately, it isn’t the Dark Knight himself.

Red Hood IT was directed and shot by Alberto Triana and Hisonni Johnson.

Would you like to see more of Pennywise terrorising the citizens of Gotham or is there just not enough room for two clowns in Arkham?

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