Like clockwork, since 2004, every year THQ releases a WWE game. WWE 12 probably needs no introduction. It’s the fourteenth game in the popular wrestling series and has already gained a healthy following from both wrestling and combat fighter game fans.

Wrestling in general has always been the subject of a lot of debate. There are some who believe that everything in the ring is real, while others see it purely as good entertainment. Whatever your take on the subject is WWE is here to stay. Desmore Seale takes a seat on the review chair and offers us insight into his thoughts regarding the latest WWE offering.


Developer: Yuke’s
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1 player

REVIEW BY DESMORE SEALE: The last wrestling game I played was Smackdown vs Raw 2010, a title I played for some time, even winning the Heavyweight championship in career mode (yes I was that good!). When I picked up WWE 12 and had my 1st match I was surprisingly beaten by one of the weakest wrestlers in the game. Frustrated by not being able to play through a tutorial, I discovered that unlike previous installments in the series WWE 12 was not user-friendly at all and certainly was a harder nut to crack.

The gameplay is often slow and wrestlers take some time landing a simple punch. The counter system is really poor. Flashes of R2 onscreen, which evokes a response of the R2 button on the control, are used to employ counters at opportune moments, usually only for a split second, making it virtually impossible to counter. Re-creating the aggressiveness of professional wrestling is no doubt tricky, but I expected a lot more than the usual button mashing repetition on offer here.

As far as graphics are concerned, WWE12 is beautiful. It’s exactly what you would expect from a title of this caliber. All the wrestlers look remarkably impressive and as you can expect, everyone who is anyone is wrestling is on offer here.

Personally, after playing tactical fighting games like UFC, WWE12 gave me the impression that THQ aimed to create a more realistic fighter this time around. Sadly, it’s a title that feels forced and rushed.

The only people who would probably really enjoy this wrestler are people still stuck in the belief that wrestling is real! As a fan I was terribly disappointed.

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