UFC Undisputed 3

The first UFC title back in 2010 was phenomenal; UFC3 seems to have used that as their solid foundation in creating an almost flawless game. Quite simply, UFC3 is the best fight simulator out there. I’m serious… if you’re a fan of MMA or just looking for a technically profound and visually stunning foot-to-face brawler, suitable for hardcore veterans and new-comers alike, look no further.

GENRE: Fighting
MODES: 1-2 Players & Multiplayer

UFC Undisputed 3 game ps3


UFC3 has a tutorial that lasts for over an hour and will teach you the ins-and-outs of the incredibly in-depth control mechanics. The possibilities are seemingly endless but don’t fret if you’re a noob at the series, the basics are fairly easy to learn and you’ll be hammering your opponent around the octagon in no time. The movements are wonderfully intuitive and there is a selection of controller configurations to make (especially grappling) far easier. One of my only criticisms in this regard are the submissions… I still feel that they’re struggling to create the perfect answer to how to do it best, as too often I’m on the floor rolling my sticks in circles (snooze).

A point that has to be mentioned is how much a player’s skill and knowledge or understanding of combat styles can change the outcome of a fight (sounds obvious right?). But what I’m referring to is the fact that one player can choose a fighter with a far lower rank than his opponent and still come out the better warrior if he fights according to his strengths and the other’s weaknesses… I love this sort of technicality and you should too.

UFC Undisputed 3 game review


The comprehensive single-player campaign where you (as expected) can create your own fighter, train him in a number of mini games and test your skills against other fighters while learning new moves and techniques, allows you to start in lower leagues and battle your way to various titles as well as defend said titles against would-be challengers.

UFC3 also allows the more sadistic of you to choose the more brutal option of ‘PRIDE’, in which you step out of the better-known octagon and into a more conventional ring. Just like its namesake, players enter the now non-existent Pride Fighting Championship where you can soccer kick a man in the head while he’s on the canvas and your first round is 10 minutes long… brutal ecstasy!

There are also over 150 characters to choose from and new characters are available for download every once-in-a-while.

UFC Undisputed 3 game xbox


Fans of the franchise will be impressed at the many tweaks that make what has been a great game, even better. The visuals are visceral although so was the previous instalment and although this iteration is stunning, it doesn’t seem that much better. That said, there are slow-motion segments, dynamic camera work and player movements are accurate, making the pummelling of your opponents completely satisfying.


If you’re into MMA or just enjoy a great all-round fighter that will keep you busy for months… this is it. I suggest forking out that hard-earned dollar and grabbing this one before you visit a buddy and he challenges you on his console. Best be prepared for war!

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