Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Platform: , , ,
Director: Tore Blystad
Engine: Glacier 2
Modes: Single-player, asynchronous multiplayer (first-person and third-person view)

Storyline: 7

Gameplay: 8.5 / 10

Graphics: 8.5 / 10

Replay Value: 8 / 10

Sound and Music: 8 / 10

The Hitman series was one of the progenitors of using stealth in games to allow for something other than sneaking around and stealing things. For once, the aim was to provide as complete an assassination experience as possible. The player was made to feel like an exceptional human being, who relied on his own skill and imagination to complete assignments, rather than on any superhuman abilities. After a long hiatus, the series is finally back with us.

hitman game review

Absolution probably includes the deepest storyline of any in the series thus far; concerning Agent 47 turning rogue on his Agency to save a young girl. Anything else would be spoiling it; a lot of the storyline is engaging because of the presentation and stylistic elements of the game. For lack of a better term, the cut scenes and such-like sequences look really cool.

From small town America to office buildings to hotels to night clubs; 47 finds himself in a variety of areas that allow him to do what he does best: find interesting ways to kill people while avoiding detection. The game promotes the fact that missions can be accomplished in as many ways as the player can imagine. In one level, the target is in front of you at the start but surrounded by witnesses. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from pulling out a pistol and killing him 3 seconds into the mission. Of course, the ramifications of that are to be expected. Otherwise such techniques involve switching hot sauce for poison; exposing an electrical cable in the right place; and so on. The highest aim in Hitman is to be Silent Assassin; as though you were never there.

hitman absolution gameplay

One of the great strengths of this game is the variety of difficulty levels for all players. There are 6 different levels; and at the hardest level you only have a reticule on screen; there are more guards who are more alert, and you die like a regular human being. On the easiest level; you can shrug off fully automatic weapons and a grenade; and guards only spot you if you kill someone in front of them; possibly only when you kill them themselves. This range allows all abilities and desired playstyles to be catered too.


A multiplayer mode allows players to design and then play levels of other players, and allows for some longevity to be added to the title. Otherwise, in each single player level there’s plenty of things to collect and challenges to complete. Hitman is very much its own genre of game; and anyone who enjoys titles in this series or likes how it sounds should definitely pick it up.

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  1. Zhameer

    This game was awesome how in the hell did it get a 7.6? Rather not give a number to a game if this is the score that this game gets. First a perfect 10 for FC3 which yes i agree is a brilliant game but any reviewer will tell you no game gets a perfect 10

  2. I updated this score. Daniels review did reflect an 8. But it seems the site’s rating system messed up the score a bit. :) fixed. And yes I agree a perfect 10 is high for any game. But granted FC3 is getting full scores by a lot of different publications. And although I haven’t played the game myself I’m yet to hear that anyone was disappointed by anything at all.

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