Wynter #4: Review


Storyline: A

Artwork: A

“Originality” is the first word that pops through my mind when reading through New Worlds Comics’ Wynter #4. Ironically whilst this issue is dealing largely with DNA copies of individuals, this comic finds a way to keep things fresh and unique. Liz is still on the run from her hired hunter Alex Grace, the only problem is that her saviour, Josh, is a genetic copy of the Galactic Governments top agent Alex Grace.

Wynter #4-01

Did Liz enjoy the thrill of being chased by Ale? She must have, as she is shacking up with a replica of the man that is waiting to turn her in for crimes she did not commit. Josh shares the same genetics as Alex but he could not be any more different. Liz feels safe with him, drawn to him, but all that is about to change when she finds out the true nature of Josh. The Galactic Government are waiting for Liz to slip up and show herself and Josh’s selfish and perverted actions give them the homing beacon that they needed so desperately.

Wynter #4-02

The art is excellent, I rated this as my comic with the Best Art for 2014 for a reason, Aron Elekes has given us yet another great visual experience. The art is dark yet it is beautiful and pleasing on the eye…for many reasons. The artist changes three quarters into the comic but the changes are so subtle that you will not notice it until you give it a second read and try to absorb all of this amazing detail and artistic talent. What I found strange is that towards the centre of the book, it is like the ink became less focused, but this is a minor gripe that does not affect your read at all.

Wynter #4-03

I get a feeling that this title will never disappoint, it is telling a great story that breaks away from our conventional comic adventures. It has taken a contemporary subject and created a great Science Fiction comic. The cat and mouse chase will leave you wondering what is to come next, and the epic cliff hanger shows a rather promising direction that this title will be taking. Get you Digital Copy of Wynter #4 today, follow @NewWorldsComics and if you a new Twitter follower, you will be able to get the first issue of this amazing title for free.

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