Wynter #2 Review


Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Wynter #1 was a bigger hit that New Worlds Comics could ever expect. Its success has been so great that some companies have even enquired about it becoming a TV series. So how does the follow up issue fair in comparison to the debut that got everyone talking?

Wynter #2 picks up from the turning point of the first issue as we see a character’s last moments before they cease to exist. This character tries to contact Liz one last time before all is lost; trying to send the image of the person that killed her. But it is too late. Her AI cannot fulfil its final command.

From here we get introduced to the killer, an agent that kills for the greater purpose; to save worlds. Like Liz this agent is fully aware of the DNA permutations that exist within this vast galaxy. So killing one version of a person means nothing. It means a job well done and an easy kill. He goes into detail about one of her last missions and this mission just might ruffle a few feathers amongst followers of this title. In order to pull off a mission it is important that this agent honours the kill as he attempts to know everything about the target.

Once again the illustrations in this issue are top notch. Be warned that the illustrations are of a very adult nature in this issue; so there are times where it becomes rather sexual. It is a dark read that really captures the fact that the future is not as bright as we’ve hoped. Advanced technology has made people lazy, with apps going as far as to replace actual parenting; yes REPLACE and not assist! Faces and expressions are easy to identify and relate to as they look realistic even when dark shades cover large sections of the faces. The amount of effort placed into the art of this title is astounding. With digital releases not being that big as yet, one can only hope that this story will be collected and go to print as a graphic novel. Each page of Wynter should be a canvas. This is art!

Wynter #2 a great follow up. There is something special when an issue mentions a certain reviewer and answers his question. Yes, you can find my name in the letters section of this great title. But even if I had not been there, it does not take away from the fact that Wynter #2 is a solid read that does a great job of further developing characters in the story, whether they are the hero or the villain.

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