Wynter #1 Review


Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Humanity has spread across the galaxies. Whilst people are living on different planets one individual is questioning life as we know it, that individual is Liz Winter.

Liz Wynter lives in a future where people have become so technologically advanced that they are actually one with technology. Most people have implants which allow their brains to surf the net and download apps, but Liz has a talent, an app that can download the apps of others. With her level of knowledge, Liz is left feeling trapped in the system. She knows that every 24 hours an average of 3 three individuals are born with her exact DNA. Thanks to her apps, she knows how she could look in her future. So what makes life worth living? What makes her special? Ironically, she does not notice just how advanced her apps are, that her level of intellect is what makes her special and is exactly what makes her an asset to others. All this is becomes apparent and rather quickly when this Sci-Fi extravaganza takes a stylish twist.

Aron Elekes offers the reader some rather astonishing art, jaws will drop for this painted like look. The streaks and soft edges create a great atmosphere to the story, one which alludes to slipping in and out of virtual reality. It reinforces the fact that people’s lives have so intertwined with technology, that they can no longer tell that which is real and that which is not. The panels work well as the story flows from one panel straight into the other. At times the digitised lettering can be a little tough on the eyes but this is really a tiny gripe.

Wynter #1 is a strong read that is a hyperbole of society today; people have become so involved with technology. When last have you seen a kid playing in a park? This story takes the fact that technology has become such a major part of our life and it shows you just how dangerous living without life can be. What is there to live for when you already know how you life plays out? At least that is what Liz thought before her life changed in the blink of an eye.

Wynter #1 is available for purchase at http://newworldscomics.com/ or via the iTunes App Store.

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