Titans #3 – Comic Book Review


Storyline: A

Artwork: A

With the villainous time-travelling techno-wizard Kadabra still carving up the Titans and Keystone City, times are tough for our heroes. In the aftermath of the Titans barely managing a stalemate against him, it’s a time for them to reflect on some of the events they’ve recently been going through and some of the things which were said in the heat of battle.


Meanwhile, we also get a chance to catch up with Mal and Bumblebee. Kadabra picks up whatever intel he can from his own team of Teen Titan doppelgangers, leading to another hint about what’s really behind the New 52 when he bleeds a familiar insignia on the face of his fob watch. As for Wally, he gets a little time to make a second first impression on his long-lost love Linda Park…

It’s another solid issue of what’s shaping up to be an excellent series, with the plot progressing at a fair pace. There’s a lot being said both on the pages and between the lines, with some wonderful little moments of character development (in particular for Roy Harper and his relationship with Donna Troy). As for the scene featuring Mal and Karen, it’s one of those moments which will make long-time fans smile – although for new readers it may seem more than a little confusing.


The writing is well-matched by the energetic art, and the team of Abnett and Booth continue to impress. Once again the enthusiasm and raw electricity which made the Titans a winner in previous incarnations is back, and it’s hard to not feel excited about this when reading it.

If there’s any downside it’s that it’s difficult to truly view Kadabra as a serious threat, with or without his own team of Titans. Regular readers know that he’s not to be taken lightly, and it isn’t that he’s no threat at all… it’s just that his claims of being the one orchestrating the fate of the DC Universe can’t be taken seriously (although it would be fascinating if they were). Instead, the whole Watchmen thing is teased once again with no sign of a payoff, and it’s becoming more frustrating than intriguing.

Still, as DC titles currently stand, this is one of the best and certainly worth looking at. Now let’s look forward to the next issue!

Rick Austin

Rick Austin

Rick Austin is the author of fantasy-parody Life Insurance of the Gods (in paperback on!), and writes for various websites and anthologies. He is a fully-functioning geek, cosplayer and owner of a pair of TARDIS Converse sneakers.

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