RoboChuck #2 Review

Pages: 35

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B

RoboChuck pits cartoon types against one another in a battle of survival. The Flat-toon residents of Flatville are being flushed out thanks to the emergence of the CG toons. Going against the CGs is also not a bright move as those who have spoken out seem to no longer exist!

This is definitely a unique title one that offers more than you would initially expect. This issue places a major focus on a flat toon named Torky Turtle the Turquoise Turtle. Having lost her variety show do to her being a non CG toon, Torky takes it upon herself to annex into CG territory and rebel against her oppressors. We then get to meet RoboChuck, a CG toon working for a flat toon. RoboChuck falls under the command of Inksplat Magee, a once famous flat toon that has been reduced to nothing more than a regular worker caught in a terrible job. Even though Inksplat has been captured and taken for questioning you as the reader cannot help but in think that Inksplat is part of a larger plot to save Flatville.

The writing in this issue is clever, quick and easy to follow. If you pay close attention to the dialogue and background imagery you will notice that this issue contains a number of easter eggs and parodies. Being a follow up issue, expect new characters to greet the pages as RoboChuck embarks on his journey to save Flatville.

The art is highly detailed and it makes use of both 3D and 2D for characters and environments. This and the dark backgrounds create a strong contrast in the colouring which might appeal to some and hinder others. The characters look very cartoonish which really lends to the story telling and, whether they be CG or flat, the reader can follow expressions with ease.

RoboChuck is a fun read that takes us to the core of the industry, back to the days where comics used to entertain people by being fun and light-herated. It proves that we don’t always need convoluted plots and mind boggling material in order to keep ourselves entertained. Sometimes a good story can get the job done without having to be dramatic.

Check out the official website or buy a copy from comiXology.

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