Criminal Macabre: The Third Child – Review

Pages: 24

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

The Criminal Macabre series is pretty much just what the title says, but it’s not “criminal” as in bad. It’s actually really good. The Third Child (#4) is a great example of this. It demonstrates the ability to relay a story set in a semi-believable world overrun by a post-apocalypse and devilish creatures. The world truly has gone mad!

Criminal Macabre-The Third Child-01

This was actually quite an enjoyable comic in the sense that, even though I hadn’t read the previous entries into this series, it did a great job in catching up the reader with the story. As mentioned in the intro, the lead character, Cal Mcdonald introduces the reader to a macabre, post-apocalyptic world, in which the creatures of the underworld has spewed forth into the world above. The writing is both wrought in wit and really depicts the main character for what he is. A cynical lunatic without a care in the world.

Criminal Macabre-The Third Child-02

I was quite impressed with the art of this book. Christopher Mitten and Michelle Madsen work well together in creating this violent, broody world. The truly gruesome scenes were presented in a way that was both tasteful and interesting, for lack of a better word. The duo really has a way of drawing attention to the important parts of the story.

Well worth the read, if you are into comics of this type, and even if you’re not. Cal Mcdonald’s story is sure to be a winner in this genre. It is action-packed and fun, devious and sneaky. But most of all, it shows the reader how an ordinary human being (albeit imbued with demonic powers) can also get the upper hand over the demonic horde.

Criminal Macabre-The Third Child-03

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