Daniel, aka Gman, is a multimedia professional, amateur boxer and BIG gaming enthusiast.

Written by Daniel Pontack

Day 1 Of Comic Con Africa In Pics

The day has finally arrived. Comic Con Africa has started. Geeks from across the country have dusted off their superhero capes and gathered at Kyalami International Convention Centre, Johannesburg. An
By Daniel Pontack on 14 Sep 2018

MWEB Battlefield 1 Launch Event

Last Friday, on the 21st of October 2016, MWEB held a launch party for the much anticipated Battlefield 1. Developed by EA DICE, Battlefield 1 is the most recent release
By Daniel Pontack on 25 Oct 2016

DOOM and MSI Vortex Launch Event

Friday the 13th of May saw the launch of one of the most anticipated games of 2016, DOOM. Not only were we invited to attend the launch of DOOM, but
By Daniel Pontack on 17 May 2016

Cape Town’s 1st rAge Expo

A few months ago rAge Expo had announced that they would be coming to Cape Town for the first time. If you are a gamer and you live on this
By Daniel Pontack on 23 Mar 2016

MWEB’s Star Wars Battlefront Launch

Last Friday, on the 20th of November, Star Wars fans from across the mother city gathered for the launch of the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. The event took place
By Daniel Pontack on 25 Nov 2015

MWEB’s Fifa 16 Launch Cape Town

Friday the 25th of September 2015, MWEB Gamezone hosted its annual FIFA16 launch in Cape Town at the Mweb Cave. Upon arrival, there was a short wait to get inside
By Daniel Pontack on 28 Sep 2015