YouTuber Leaks FIFA 18 Player Ratings Via Hidden Camera

EA’s FIFA 18 has received a huge amount of publicity in the past few days after revealing their ratings for the “All-Time Legends” players, which featured the likes of Ronaldo de Lima, or the original ‘Ronaldo’. This news, however, has been quickly surpassed by the leaked video by YouTuber W2S.

Player ratings have become something of a big reveal for EA ahead of the FIFA game launches in previous years and have always been kept under wraps until an official release. The official release, however, has been foiled thanks to the adventures of W2S, who managed to hide two cameras to take into the FIFA 18 Pack Opening event. You can view the full video below on how he does it.

While the video doesn’t leak all the stats, it does give us a brief glimpse at a few highly ranked players. The list includes Liverpool’s Sadio Mane with a rating of 84 and pace of 94, Alexandre Lacazette, now of Arsenal, with a rating of 86, Manchester United’s Chris Smalling is rated 84 (not that many would care), Kurt Zouma of Chelsea at 81, and Paulo Dybala of Juventus with 87.

YouTuber Leaks FIFA 18 Player Ratings Via Hidden Camera

The biggest drop, however, comes from FIFA 18 cover player, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The player is rated at 94, pace at 92, dribbling 91, and shooting 92. Compare this to the “All-Time Legends” Ronaldo, also rated at 94, with 93 for pace, 93 for shooting, 93 for dribbling and a rating of 80 for both passing and his physical ability.

YouTuber Leaks FIFA 18 Player Ratings Via Hidden Camera

FIFA 18 will be released on Friday, 29th September 2017. Although, gamers who pre-order the ‘Ronaldo Edition’ or ‘Icon Edition’, priced at $79.99 and $99.99 respectively, will get early access to the game which will be available to them a full 3 days earlier on 26th September.

FIFA 18 will be available on the Xbox One, PS4, PC using the Frostbite Engine. The game will also be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as and the new Nintendo Switch, although not using Frostbite.

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  1. One of the things I hate about FIFA is that if you play against a friend and they have Ronaldo (or Messi) on their team you are at a major disadvantage. Those players dribble through the defence like the Flash. It’s inhuman. They can also score from just about anywhere.

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