Xsprofix: World's First Travel Espresso Machine – Now on Kickstarter


Xsprofix has announced the first of its stretch goals, which will come into effect with the backing of 1,500 backers – the inclusion of the Reusable Stainless Steel capsules. This addition now gives users the option to use two types of capsules, including the Nespresso® Capsules. The user of the Stainless Steel capsules means you’re able to purchase and grind your own espresso, whatever your choice.

If the stretch goal is met, buyers will receive the Reusable Stainless Steel capsules for free with the purchase of their NowPresso unit.

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Over the past few years, the world has taken to portable coffee machines, some of which we’ve featured on FoS. Most of the products, however, have one fundamental feature missing that would make it a true portable machine, and that’s the ability to boil water without the need for a kettle or any other electronic devices. Until now. Introducing the NowPresso from Xsprofix.

Note the name change from Xsprofix to NowPresso.

NowPresso: World's First Travel Espresso Machine – Now on Kickstarter

NowPresso is the world’s first portable, (rechargeable) lithium battery powered, Espresso Machine, which actually boils cold water whether you’re at your desk, or 100 miles from any electric socket. Your search of the perfect cup of coffee on the go is finally over. The Xsprofix guarantees your fix of coffee from anywhere in the world, without compromising on quality. The portable machine brings the term “coffee without boundaries” to life.

NowPresso: World's First Travel Espresso Machine – Now on Kickstarter

A great feature of the NowPresso is that while it’s able to deliver the perfect cup of coffee on the go, it’s also small and lightweight enough to fit in your handbag or back pack. Additionally, and the case with many portable coffee machines of late, the NowPresso is compatible with Nespresso® pods.

With the simple push of a button, coffee lovers are able to enjoy a cup of espresso whenever, and wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re trekking through Machu Picchu, sailing the high seas, camping in the wilderness, commuting to work, or simply playing a round of golf, the Xsprofix ensures a quality espresso is always right on hand.

NowPresso: World's First Travel Espresso Machine – Now on Kickstarter

Some of the features of the NowPresso includes:

      1. Portable and lightweight the NowPresso can travel with you wherever you go.
      2. Works with boiled water or boils water on the spot.
      3. Fully automated and easy to use system. One button for all functions.
      4. Coffee directly pours into the silicon grip drinking cup and detaches for drinking.
      5. Travel accessory bags including main carry bag that holds three Nespresso® capsules.
      6. Operating from a removable lithium battery means you’re able to make a cup of coffee wherever you find yourself. Charging time: 2.5 hours.
      7. Compatible only with Nespresso® capsules means your coffee quality is assured as well as being compact and mess free.
      8. Full charge using boiled water = 100 cups. Full charge boiling cold water = 3 cups.

NowPresso: World's First Travel Espresso Machine – Now on Kickstarter

For Kickstarter pricing starts at:

  • Early Bird- AUD$179
  • Kickstarter Price- AUD$219
  • receiving a $100 discount from AUD$279 RRP

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