XCom 2

Take-Two has announced that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of XCOM 2 have been delayed.

The delay,  according to Take-Two, is to give the Firaxis team some more time to iron out some issues saying that the ports needed a little more work. Luckily it is only a short three-week delay, which we personally don’t mind as long as the ports turn out problem free (here’s crossing our fingers).
XCOM 2 once again places you in the shoes of the commander as you take control of the XCOM team and try to take earth back from the alien forces that are occupying it. The game adds new classes, abilities and procedurally generated maps.

XCOM 2 originally launched on PC, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions announced a few months back. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions would have released on the 6th of September, but will now be releasing on the 27th of September 2016.


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