Xbox One to be sold without Kinect

Microsoft has announced that an SKU of the console will finally be sold without the Kinect peripheral. The device was promoted by then-CEO Don Mattrick, who stated the inclusion was an essential piece of kit, but gamers have said otherwise.

The Xbox One with Kinect launched at $499, which was $100 more than the PS4 – not bundled with any such device – but will now sell for $399. This brings the Xbox One’s price point in line with the PS4, and will make for some very interesting sales come Christmas time.

Microsoft has reversed its decision on several launch policies for the Xbox One, but the removal of Kinect is my favourite. The 360’s Kinect wasn’t a very good device, and only added up to some “waggle” games.

Xbox One without Kinect will be available in the US from June, and pre-orders are already going up at major retailers. This may have been the reason for such a delayed launch in South Africa.

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