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Why the wrong Fast and the Furious actress was cast as Wonder Woman

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Gal Gadot… Sure, she is a smouldering and desirable… talent, but I am a firm believer that she isn’t the Wonder Woman that DC needs. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels that, Henry Cavill’s ex-girlfriend and Gal Gadot’s fellow Fast 6 co-star, Gina Carano would have been a better fit for the role. I’m sure that many fans would agree that the wrong Fast and the Furious actress was cast.

Why Gina?

Sure Gadot has looks, but when it comes to an all-rounder you cannot ask for more than Carano. She is simply amazing and, when it comes to close combat, she is one of the first ladies of MMA. Carano even became known as “The face of woman’s MMA”. Similar to Diana Prince, who is known as being one of the toughest fighters, she is a fighter so strong that she in fact breaks the gender barrier. In the comics we have Wonder Woman beating on male villains without chauvinists giving her actions a second thought.

Gina has so many accolades attached to her name especially when it comes to the world of fighting. Her sheer raw fighting skills were given an opportunity to shine on the big screen in Haywire, which saw Gina using her fighting skills in a display that got her a nomination for Best Female Actress in an Action film at the 18th Critics choice awards. Much like Wonder Woman, in Haywire Gina Carano proceeded to hand her male counterparts a beating of a lifetime and made it so believable. She lives the life of a fighter and does not need to rush to set in order to learn a few moves or how to make these choreographed moves look authentic.

The Body Structure

Now when I think of Wonder Woman I think of an Amazonian Princess, a Goddess among men. Sure, in recent comics she seems to look a little daintier with longer legs, but the Wonder Woman that we deserve to see is the one that can stand tall next to the likes of Superman, much like the Wonder Woman from Justice League Frontier. She is muscular, strong and stands tall next to the rest of the Justice League members. This brings about the problem with Gal Gadot; she is just too model looking, low calorie diet and all. If she were to stand next to Cavill she would look like a lost little girl. Heck, he could make most men look like lost little girls if they stand next to him. But have you seen the couple shots of him and Gina? They fit well. She is muscular, strong and packs proportions that compliment Henry’s body structure as well. Sure there have been promises that Gal Gadot will be in training for her role as Diana, but how many pounds do you think she can possibly pack on? And how is she going to look better than a fitness model, a woman that gets paid to flaunt her muscle structure?


Gina and Cavill have had their stint and it seems like all the romance is over, but this is perfect for the film. It could work either way really. Gina could bear a disdain for Henry that is recognisable on film, and this could be channelled in such a way as to play up Diana’s disdain for men and the corruption they bring to the way of the Amazonians. This underlying tension could work well and feel very authentic, especially in confrontations with Superman. But then of course the opposite could happen; maybe working together re-ignites some old flames and the Man of Steel gets to share a New 52 kiss with Wonder Woman. After all he is the title character, maybe he deserves to get the girl, whilst making the relationship complications feel so real on camera.


When it comes to acting experience both of these ladies have most likely appeared in the same amount of movies. However, unlike Gina Carano, Gal Gadot’s last main role saw her being reduced to eye-candy for fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Gina on the other hand was one of the main female leads in the last instalment of The Fast and the Furious. And her film before that saw her as the lead character of the film. So it would seem that Gina is not only physically stronger, but when it comes to landing recognisable roles she is no stranger to the camera.

When it comes to model behaviour, Gina can hold her own her as well. Sure modelling is what put Gal Gadot on the map and landed her sponsorships, but fighting has done the exact same thing for Gina. She was voted the sexiest woman alive in 2008 and was #16 in the Maxim top 100. So while Gina was landing punches, she was getting recognised for her beauty as well. This year she was the 10th most searched athlete in the entire world. She is not only inspiring the female youth to empower themselves but she is giving plenty of men a “crush”. This is Diana at the core; she is not bothered by the need to beautify herself in order to pander her male counterparts, she is a natural beauty. A beauty that’s focus is to strengthen women and fight for justice and equality.

It would have been great to see Gina Carano as Wonder Woman as she embodies the character so well and she has aged so well that she looks like a Greek Goddess capable of leading the Amazonians to victory. Sure the recent fan mash ups have made Gal Gadot look the part, but there is a difference between looking the part and living the part. Gina is a fighter, a role-model and an inspiration to females around the world. She is one of the strongest and recognisable women in a male dominated sport and society. It would have been great to see her whipping out the Lasso. Truth be told she would have made a great Wonder Woman.

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