World's Biggest Batman Fan

Watch: The World’s Biggest Batman Fan?

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Is this the world’s biggest Batman fan? Batman fanatic Chris Weir is so besotted with the Dark Knight he invested $120,000 (£78,000) in the character – including a Batcave in his basement.

Comic books, action figures, and posters are essential in any superhero fans’ collections, but for dad Chris Weir it wasn’t enough. The married 38-year-old owns all of the above – but with an added secret lair of his own. Amazingly, the man-made styrofoam cave can only be accessed in the same way Bruce Wayne opens the Batcave in the classic 60s Batman series starring Adam West.

Inside the cave is a life-size Batman suit used by the Caped Crusader in the latest Christopher Nolan films. A home cinema inside the cave features a huge 100-inch TV screen where Chris watches Batman movies, shows and cartoons with wife Joanna, 36, and sons Zachary, 9 and Daniel, 13.


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