Batman v Superman Croatia World Cup 2018

After a month of football, it’s finally over. France has been crowned the world champions. However, anyone who watched the final game will feel slightly cheated as it was clear to everyone that Croatia was the better team on the evening. That said, in the end, soccer is all about goals and France simply had more – despite the fact that they had much lesser attempts on goal. When the final whistle blew, Croatia might have lost the match but they definitely won the crowd over.

France World Cup 2018

When you sit back and think of it, you can’t help but feel that you’ve witnessed this before. That’s correct, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman suffered a similar fate. Even though Captain America: Civil War might have been crowded the superhero film champions of 2016, the fans might have been cheering for a different film.

Despite the bad Rotten Tomatoes score, despite less than favourable reviews from critics and despite consistent trolling from Marvel fanboys, anyone who loved Batman v Superman is willing to defend it to the death. That’s probably the definition of what a cult classic is or should be. In fact, it went on to become one of the best selling Blu-rays of all time.

Croatia World Cup 2018

It’s been years since the film released and the arguments still continue. The underdog is still the favourite for some, while others are still swearing by the more popular choice. Again, the similarities to the FIFA World Cup Final are too obvious not to notice or point out.

Yes, like Croatia, Batman v Superman won the bigger prize at the end of the day. Not France. They won the hearts of fans across the world. Thank you, Croatia and thank you, Zack Snyder.

Batman v Superman France Croatia World Cup 2018

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