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World Class will soon be coming to South Africa, as we play host to the best bartenders from around the world. 57 entrants will take part in the competition to be held at the Lucuna Bar, The Maslow Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg. As a pre-cursor to the global event, The Maslow Hotel and World Class held a small gathering to introduce media to South Africa’s winner, Dom De Lorenzo.

Dom De Lorenzo

As part of the event, Dom would be mixing up three cocktails to be paired specifically with three dishes on the evening. The dishes were prepared by Pete Goffe-Wood, well-known chef and Master Chef SA judge. The cocktails were complimented exceptionally well, with a mix of sweet and spicy to arouse our palettes.

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They flip, mix, shake, crush and pour with the ease of the champions they are. These are the world’s best bartenders, who kick off their unforgettable Bartender of the Year journey at The Maslow on August 28.
South Africa’s finest mixologists, whose cocktail making skills will leave you breathless, will be among the bartenders fighting for the “best bartender in the world” slot.

This will include South Africa’s number one bartender, Dom De Lorenzo – who will represent us at WORLD CLASS 2015.
In a distinguished class of his own, and playing host to the 57 bartender entrants to WORLD CLASS from around the world, is Steven Saunders, 28, food and beverage manager at Sun International’s Maslow Hotel.

Steven’s own bar tending skills are legendary. He can whip up a Margherita, crush a Mojito or pour a Manhattan with the finesse of an expert.

The Mojito’s proportion of rum, sugar, lime juice and mint to sparkling water will be just right; the edge of your Margherita glass salted to perfection. Its what he does. Its what he loves doing best. Its what he’s best known for: the perfect cocktail.

Steven began his career studying to be an engineer, and, to earn pocket money, he worked as a bartender in a small German bar.
“I realized that engineering was not for me. I preferred my time behind the bar, interacting with guests.”
So he made the switch and began a hospitality management degree, winning top academic student title as well as top overall student in South Africa.

He’s very good at his job as food and beverage manager, but he says: “My first love is, and always will be, bartending. My progress in the management of properties hasn’t changed that. Whenever I get the opportunity, I jump behind what has quickly become Sandton’s most popular bar, The Lacuna, and help out my bartenders.”
Steven’s work has seen him travel to 30 countries in Europe and eight in Africa. “This field does not confine you to a single role but opens up endless possibilities of what you can do,” he says.

Steven adds that the chance to work at the luxurious urban sanctuary that is Sun International’s flagship hotel, The Maslow – with its exclusive clientele – makes it all even more special.

Come and sample Steven’s mixology skills at The Maslow’s Lacuna bar. The Maslow, the preferred home of top international businessmen and those seeking luxurious refuge in Africa’s economic hub, will host the 57 WORLD CLASS finalists from around the world.

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