Wonder Woman Is Gay or Bisexual?

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During an interview with Comicosity, Wonder Woman comic book writer Greg Rucka has confirmed that Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) is obviously queer.

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Fans have long speculated about rebooted Wonder Woman’s sexuality. She grows up on an island inhabited solely by women and that implies that romantic and sexual relationships between women are a fact of that culture. In an in-depth interview, Matt Santori-Griffith, an openly gay man himself, asks Rucka if Wonder Woman is queer. His answer:

“Then, yes. I think it’s more complicated though. This is inherently the problem with Diana: we’ve had a long history of people — for a variety of reasons, including sometimes pure titillation, which I think is the worst reason — say, ‘Ooo. Look. It’s the Amazons. They’re gay!’

“When you start to think about giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is, ‘How can they not all be in same sex relationships?’ Right? It makes no logical sense otherwise. It’s supposed to be paradise. You’re supposed to be able to live happily. You’re supposed to be able — in a context where one can live happily, and part of what an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner — to have a fulfilling, romantic and sexual relationship. And the only options are women.

But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘You’re gay.’ They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist. Now, are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women? As Nicola and I approach it, the answer is obviously yes. And it needs to be yes for a number of reasons. But perhaps foremost among them is, if no, then she leaves paradise only because of a potential romantic relationship with Steve [Trevor]. And that diminishes her character. It would hurt the character and take away her heroism. When we talk about agency of characters in 2016, Diana deciding to leave her home forever — which is what she believes she’s doing — if she does that because she’s fallen for a guy, I believe that diminishes her heroism. She doesn’t leave because of Steve.

He leaves because she wants to see the world and somebody must go and do this thing. And she has resolved it must be her to make this sacrifice.”

Over the course of her 75-year comic book run, Wonder Woman’s romantic story arc has been largely represented by her relationship with soldier Steve Trevor, Superman and Batman. Is this something we will see in the upcoming Wonder Woman film? Does Batman know?

Read Rucka’s full interview with Comicosity here.

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Her fucking both Bruce and Clark says otherwise

Leon Liebenberg
I find it interesting that someone with a clear agenda would be tasked with asking this question. His response is axiomatic, that homosexuality is nature, not nurture and that a woman who CHOOSES to make sacrifices for the man she loves is somehow weak. I would pose that Wonder Woman’s story is actually an argument AGAINST this axiom. Lets examine: Themyscira is actually a metaphor for Matriarchy, or in today’s language, Feminism. It paints itself as a paradise where women can be the daughter, mother, warrior, basically, anything, except NOT a citizen of Themyscira. If she leaves, she is never… Read more »