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I’ve lived a life in plastic. She has turned an illustrious 75 years old and she doesn’t look a day over 25. She is an icon for the ages, a pure heroine who doesn’t flinch when it comes to her ingrained moral code. The daughter of a god, she is DC Comics’ female counterpoint to Superman. Clad in her Amazonian armour and armed with her golden lasso of truth, Wonder Woman is having quite the year. With the release of the long-awaited Wonder Woman film and her 75th birthday, I thought the perfect and most relevant life in plastic to tackle would be Diana Prince herself.

My Life In Plastic: DC Comics New 52 Wonder Woman Figure Review

My first introduction to Wonder Woman was as a kid growing up in Westdene, Johannesburg, accompanying my dad to our local Portuguese-owned street corner café. There I would spend countless amounts of coins on arcade games like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Pac Man. Between the smell of fish and chips in saturated cooking oil, bread and milk and the occasional old toppie lighting a cigarette, I migrated from the video game section to the newspaper stand. At that age, the Gulf War and the end of Apartheid became secondary in my pursuit of fun. Enter a tattered, torn and all forlorn copy of Wonder Woman, with a cover illustrated by George Perez. Little did I know at that stage how that specific run would become one of the characters defining moments. Was it the long curly black hair with tints of blue? Was it the simple yet powerful imagery of a “girl superhero” wielding a sword and lasso? No. It was her boots. Those red boots with the signature white trim.

I always had something about superheroes and their boots. I would wear red and blue gum boots all the time, whether it rained or not. I always thought their powers emanated from the boots, not from capes or crowns or swords. The boots were the point of origin. Supes had red ones. Batman had blue ones. Flash had yellow ones. Green Lantern had green ones. So it made sense that the female version of Superman (whether it was Wonder Woman or Supergirl) would naturally follow suit and have the same colour of boots. Red meant power. Spider-Man and He-Man would also attest to the fact.

So to kick this piece off, this specific Wonder Woman, the Jim Lee-designed New 52 edition, does not have red boots. She has blue ones.

The rejigged outfit has changed all the conventional iconography relating to our beloved Amazon. Gone are the gold bracelets, tiara and W sign. Her red star on the tiara has also been replaced by a silver tiara in the shape of a W. The amount of stars on her pants have also been lessened. She has strict detailing in her bodice, much more in the line of a warrior as opposed to a swimsuit. And her boots. Are. Blue.

My Life In Plastic: DC Comics New 52 Wonder Woman Figure Review

I made peace with this a long time ago. This figure isn’t new at all. She came out in 2012, the year I started collecting figures again. I decided that the New 52 collection would be it. I still love these figures, because I simply love Jim Lee’s art. His keen eye and super detailed superhero anatomies feel like the more comic-friendly version of Alex Ross’ hyper-realistic style and I have always gravitated towards heroes who seem more believable. After the release of Batman, Green Lantern and Aquaman, Wonder Woman would be the fourth figure in the ongoing series to be released. I had to have her.

Now let’s backtrack slightly. The reason, and burning desire, I had to get this Wonder Woman figure was purely because I had up until that stage never owned a Wonder Woman figure. Gasp. The champion of the red booted heroine had never owned a Wonder Woman figure? No. They were pretty much impossible to find in South Africa. After waves and waves of Batman and Superman figures made by Kenner in the 90’s, I spent hours looking at the back of old comics advertising the Super Powers series made by the same company during the 80’s. I waited and waited, and she never came.

I walked into Reader’s Den in Cape Town on a rainy Saturday morning, parted with what seemed like a chunk of my paltry salary at that stage and all wrongs were righted.

I spent the following months looking at figures in boxes. The New 52 heroes wouldn’t feel air on their capes. They would remain stoic and caged, to be gazed upon behind their plastic confines. I never imagined myself to be that guy. I made prisoners of them – I became their Lex or Joker. I kept looking at Wonder Woman. How could I wait this long for something and not enjoy it?

My Life In Plastic: DC Comics New 52 Wonder Woman Figure Review

Two years passed and their meticulously manufactured moulds would hold them still. It was a Saturday morning and I saw a few panels from Tony Aikins and Cliff Changs’ run on Wonder Woman: Blood. I thought back to the days when I would read a comic, see a movie or television series and I would run to my parents to go get that specific character for me because I had to create more adventures for them. My mind raced back to the café in Westdene. I was 6 again. I saw Wonder Woman and I had to create a new universe for her.

Earlier that year I read a haunting quote from a collector. Someone had asked him whether figures should stay in the box or be taken out. His response: “Imagine a book, sitting on the shelf, never being read. It looks beautiful, but you’ll never know the story.” I went down to the kitchen, got a pair of scissors and the rest is history.

The New 52 Wonder Woman is gorgeous. She comes across as strong and powerful, yet has an innate femininity which is undeniable. When I go to my figure shelf I always go back to her and the rest of the Trinity and they beautifully represent where I have come from.

I have fervently, in the past few years, started to chase down figures of her. Some have come from Italy, others from Edenvale. But Wonder Woman, with her boots in red or blue, would always enchant a boy from Westdene on a newspaper stand.

The New 52 Wonder Woman figure is now available from Project Mayhem Collectibles & Action Figures:

WONDER WOMAN action figure review

To stand a chance to win this New 52 Wonder Woman figure, courtesy of Project Mayhem Collectibles & Action Figures, all you need to do is tell us who your favourite DC Comics hero is and why – in the comments section below.

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  1. Dheeraj Brijlal

    Superman, not only is he the original superhero but he embodies all the traits that we as human beings aspire to.

  2. Ivan Oelofse

    Sorry, to expand – Mine is Flash. His superspeed makes him the fastest character in all of comics and his ability to tap into the Speedforce means that he is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, although he is sometimes overlooked. Plus his quirky and fun attitude makes him a joy to watch in the DCEU, animated series and movies and in the comics

  3. Sam

    I would have to say my favourite DC character is Dick Grayson. We’ve seen him start as the first Robin and become Nightwing. He has even taken up the cowl of Batman when needed. I have enjoyed his personality as he has grown. He is proof that Bruce Wayne is a good person.

  4. Megan Hartwig

    Wonder Woman. She embodies everything I want to be as a person. She is kind without being weak, strong without being cruel and proud without being arrogant. I connect with her more than anybody else in any work of fiction.

  5. ramona moodley

    Wonder woman I believe Wonder Woman is a hero because she is a strong woman who demands respect and I also like the fact that she not only captures criminals but wants them to be good citizens.
    This is what I like best about her
    1: She comes from an Island of only women
    2: Wonder Woman’s tiara is so sharp she was able to cut Superman
    3: At one point she gave up her powers to live in Man’s world and run a boutique. She later recovered her powers.
    4: Different Greek gods each blessed her with different powers: Demeter with strength, Aphrodite with beauty, Artemis with animal communication, Athena with wisdom and war tactics, Hestia with the lasso-of-truth, and Hermes with speed and flight.
    5: It was Marston’s wife Elizabeth who gave him the idea to create Wonder Woman

  6. Franco

    Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, because she has an interesting backstory with many layers. She also deals with a lot of conflict as she tries to navigate what is right and wrong. This makes her a great hero with whom one can relate.

  7. Nik Regnart

    Batman… The first comic my parents bought for me when I was 6 was issue 477 (the covers of that and 478 made one big awesome image) which got me into comic books and collecting, and plenty of years down the line I’m still at it so one day I can share all the awesomeness with my lil one.

  8. Daniel Clarke

    Has to be Batman! Not only is he a billionaire playboy philanthropist but he also does what he does and goes up against people with serious powers without any powers of his own! His super power is that he is rich!

  9. JED

    Batman. I like the dark side of his character , his swift fast moves and being such an iconic super hero he has lured millions of fans (including myself) world wide- who doesnt want to be Bruce Wayne, multi millionaire and Gotham Citys vigilante/guardian?!? The DC Universe captivated me more after watching a documentary called Bill vs Batman, which changed my whole perspective of Bob Kane and made me appreciate Bill Finger – the real creator of Batman!

  10. Rosha Chetty

    Most definitely Wonder Woman
    She epitomizes not just beauty but confidence, strength, courage, her amazing array of super powers is captivating and magnificent. A fearless person, strong yet kind hearted, caring for others , filled with warmth and is a inspiration to me.

  11. Lauren Kruger

    Harley Quinn, because I love her sense of humour, unpredictable behaviour and the character’s diverse designs. Her looks are deceiving and belies her wacky personality.

  12. Lauren Kruger

    Sorry, only realized now that the answer has to refer to a DC Comics hero. If I had to choose a hero it would be Batman. I admire his stealth ability, unrelenting determination and loyalty to his allies. He has to use strategy to defeat his enemies instead of relying on superpowers to win a fight.

  13. Garth Stuurman

    My favorite DC hero would always be Batman. This is one character I (and I’m sure many others) grew up with. Even to this day, at my age, I love everything Batman.

  14. Shaun van Wyk

    For me, it’s Batman. I remember being about four years old when I walked past the bargain bin filled with comic books in the CNA near where we lived. This is quite a few years ago. I flipped through the covers looking at all the different superheroes dressed in their bright colourful costumes when one grabbed my attention. He just looked so cool. The white menacing eyes/lenses on the even-more aggressive looking cowl (drawn by Tom Lyle) just made me want the book. I couldn’t read yet, but those pages were filled with glorious action that allowed me to fill in the words. The opening splash page was Batman dodging bullets while whilst taking down criminals. It was awesome. My Mom gave me a shiny silver coin and said I may buy that one comic. Little did I know that the issue I bought ended in a cliffhanger and was only part one of a three part story. I guess my child-like infatuation grew when Batman Returns came out and since then I’ve loved the character. He kicks ass, and has an amazing rogues gallery. What’s more, he is the ultimate hero. A bullet could put him down, but he manages to overcome the odds most every time. I really could go on, but I won’t. He is the first super hero I liked, and is still my all time favourite. My pay cheque can attest to that.

  15. Tristan Winslow

    Bateman, he is my favorite because he is a normal human with no super powers but yet he is an awesome super hero, plus he is dark… I like that :p

  16. wessley gombard

    Martian Manhunt. Yes, he has what is possibly the worst weakness (which is fire) but Jonn Jonz is powerful and noble, like a samurai

  17. Just Me

    Kaldur’ahm! Better known Aqualad.

    Because watched Young Justice on Cartoon Network, and was just blown away… Aqualad was a big part of why I fell in love with the show.

    (Also, fingers crossed!)

  18. Justin Hoar

    Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Space Cop with one of the most powerful (and coolest) weapons in the universe. Overcoming some of the greatest threats in the universe and rising from the greatest falls makes him awesome. Plus he is voiced by Nathan Fillion in the animated movies

  19. whelan

    It was the first DC character I was introduced to as a kid, well at least after He-Man. Ive been a Batman fan ever since and that will never waver.

  20. MamaM

    Batgirl – cool, tough, independent, strong, mysterious – all the good things. Do I get an extra point for Women’s Month? LOL ;-)

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