Wonder Woman Armpit Scenes Stir Outrage Among Social Justice Warriors. Don't Worry We Added It Back!

Wonder Woman Armpit Scenes Stir Outrage Among Social Justice Warriors. Don’t Worry We Added It Back!

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While the previous trailers for DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman film have been met with a lot of praise, the latest trailer has caused some controversy amongst certain viewers on the net. Their problem is with Wonder Woman’s shaven armpits. That’s right, the internet is making a big noise about the Wonder Woman armpit scenes. But don’t worry, we’ve added her armpit hair back just for you!

At around the 1.40 mark of the trailer, actress Gal Gadot raises her arms to expose her hairless armpits (which some believe have been digitally bleached in postproduction). This caused quite a stir as many people believe that an Amazonian princess wouldn’t shave her armpits at all.

“Is this seriously still happening in 2017,” cried Slate Magazine.
“Do better!” said Revelist.
“[Wonder Woman] proves that women—even those who are superheroes—don’t have to cater to beauty standards that are meant to make them more attractive to men,” shouted Refinery29.

However, fans have noted that Wonder Woman has never had armpit hair in the comic books. Secondly, the film is also set during World War 1, a period where women started shaving their armpits. To be honest, this whole thing is a big fuss over nothing.

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  1. Timothy Bartlett

    I doubt the Amazons spent a lot of time on looking pretty–methinks they would be more focused on training to be better fighters.:p

  2. Brandon

    To be fair, the ancient world did have hair removal techniques. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all practiced body hair removal

  3. Michelle Golembiewski

    For real? There is no pleasing people. Get the fuck over it. And this is exactly why people suck and I prefer my dogs company lol

  4. Bill Johnson

    To anyone who sees this as something that is even worth talking about…. much less pausing the stupid trailer to see it

  5. John Spartan

    Kids are starving, violence in our streets, veterans with sub par health care… but fictional comic book character’s grooming habits!!!!!

    • John Spartan

      Then you proved my point, social justice BS shouldn’t be on comic book sites!!! Fool thinking he’s judging the foolish!

  6. Temple of Nerdom

    I enjoy when the fans of this page engage in discussion on our posts. That’s why we try to post things that push the envelope, whether we agree or disagree.

  7. Thomas Sweat

    Linda carter was an Awesome WW,and she was clean shaved.This just seems like feminist propaganda,but that’s just my view.

  8. Bartosz Kubiak

    Although I agree with lessening the sexualization in the culture (of both sexes) I don’t think that having or not having armpit hair mean anything. It’s a personal preference and shouldn’t be taken in consideration when talking about gender equality and so. There are many men shaving their armpits for hygiene reasons and we’re not calling them feminine so what’s the deal

  9. Stacey L Fake

    So let me get this straight…

    People are upset because a FICTIONAL SUPERHERO is not realistic enough? Okay then.

    This is as funny as the Star Trek fans who say how Trek is REAL science fiction because it uses REAL SCIENCE and then go on to a long winded explanation of WARP DRIVE TECHNOLOGY to back up their argument.

    • Frank Lindner

      I agree with the first part, disagree with the second. ICYMI real world scientists turned warp drive technology from science-fiction into science-fact by using our real worlds math and physics.

  10. Darren Dixon

    This get a 6% on rotten tomatoes .. film will be awful ..

    How about going after the flow of Celebrities who dress in next to nothing lol ..

  11. Temple of Nerdom


    Here’s a comment from a thread from one of the groups I shared this article into. Good stuff, Internet scores!

  12. Matt Willox

    ‘waaah women shouldn’t make themselves look good for men’

    What about if they’re doing it because they want to look good for themselves? Or find hair uncomfortable?

    Are women no longer given a choice because SJWs say they should be behaving/doing things a certain way? That sounds like i-ron-y.

  13. Stephanie Harris

    I’m kind of shocked by the number of men going “shrug” in the comments. It’s almost like the overly picky dudes in movies are fictional or something. Or like there are billions of women around the world who don’t shave and men who are perfectly willing to sleep with them. Bananas!

  14. Mike Wasniak

    Honestly though I usually only hear of people bitching about dumb things from other people who are bitching about them.

  15. Tiffany Kinsey

    I’m sorry, but hairy armpits on women does not make them look stronger or embrace feminism. Instead, it makes you look lazy and gross, and starving for attention. But that’s just me, a mom of 3. I know nothing.

    • Andrew Robert

      Women who have serious, uncomfortable and often unsightly issues when they shave there. Not everyone’s skin reacts the same.

    • Tiffany Kinsey

      Andrew, while I agree that a very small percentage can’t shave because of that reason, 99% Of the women choose not to solely because they’re feminazis. Because, “look at me! I’m hairy and this is my body, my choice.” I’m so tired of hearing all that. If you wanna look like a damn caveman, go ahead. Just stop throwing it in our faces. It’s not pretty at all. It’s gross.

    • Andrew Robert

      Because you’re completely qualified to give these statistics and you’re also a professional on diagnosing whether or not individuals you’ve never met have any condituons that prevent them from shaving.

      Get the fuck out of here.

  16. Clint Bryante Williams

    I mean it does make sense…..but? Idk don’t matter either way to me. Wouldn’t bother me if its there or not.

  17. Scott Cowpland

    Yh thts it I’m done its ruined cos some green haired bulldyke pig bitch wants everything 2 be disgusting. She’s wonder woman not grundle pig

  18. Alejandro Diaz

    I think lots of the SJW especially the very vocal ones, like comunist, they are just seeking legislative power not so much equality, when empires get weak communist and the extreme left tends to seep in and take over.

  19. 하정수

    Pretty damn sure the previous iterations of WW were also sans pit hair.

    Pretty damn sure Linda Carter was without pit hair.

    Even the animated one with Xena doing her voice…

    (I’m also willing to bet half of these people also think Iron Fist was miscast with a white dude as the lead….)

    • Cristy Estrada

      I mean if she didn’t have shaved armpits it wouldn’t be a big deal either, but this isn’t an issue. Also I feel like these articles like to make big scandalous claims like “the internet is ______” or “here’s what feminists are crying about now!” to undermine the movement about equality. Let me be clear: feminism is also about a woman having the choice to do whatever she wants with her body. Not making her the opposite of whatever society deems is womanly. Feminists should fight over the choice to be shaven or not. Get the difference?

      Just like those articles that this one points out, like “oh here are these guys that wrote about this and they’re making it a Big Deal!!”
      Fucking stupid.

    • Roger Ruben Peralta

      I am woke. I was just laughing at the fact that she had hair. Wasn’t expecting you to go that deep into it lol

  20. Bruce Casey

    OMG, the world will come to a massive end because some actress shaved her armpits. Consider this the artists impression that displays WW’s freedom of choice. Much like Superman has the freedom of choice to be clean shaven or have a beard.

  21. Toni Williams

    Of all things to “go after” pit hair. Everything is this world and beyond, pit hair. Wonder woman’s pit hair. Maybe she got a chance to shave in her invisible plane.

  22. Angelique Rodriguez

    If the girl wants to shave her pits, let her shave her pits and STFU. It’s the most uncomfortable crap not to shave.

  23. Brian Hermano

    Can women from Themyscira even grow hair there? Maybe they genetically are hairless there. Not all people grow hair exactly in the same places, e.g. beards, chest, back, etc.

    I doubt any of us are experts on Themyscirian genetics.

  24. Davan Dutra-Smith

    I trim my armpits on the lowest setting and I’m a straight guy
    Like it’s just more comfortable same with the whole nether region think it gets itchy and sweaty and smelly

  25. Chris Stephaniuk

    When you see that one comment that someone wrote that is so stupid, you can’t help but laugh at their stupidity.

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