Did You Know That Wolverine And Storm Were Secret Lovers In The X-Men Movies?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Halle Berry revealed a secret romantic relationship between Wolverine and Storm.

“Storm and Logan used to be lovers. It’s true. Storm and Logan had a thing. I joke in the movies, I’m like, ‘How come nobody’s loving on Storm.’ Like what’s wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm. So, we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and messed that up. When he really decided that Jean Grey was his [love]…that caused a problem…the having two girls at once thing, that didn’t work for…that doesn’t work for Storm.”

This may come as a shock to fans who have followed the X-Men franchise over the years but, apparently, a deleted scene from 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past proves Berry’s statement. It shows Logan (Hugh Jackman) giving Storm (Halle Berry) a farewell kiss before travelling back in time. Also, there’s that X2 scene where Mystique briefly transforms into Storm and attempts to seduce Wolverine.

Rewatching all the films, with this in mind, could be interesting. Just imagine how awful she must have felt while Logan made the moves on Jean Grey.

Source: ew.com

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