Comic Con Africa 2018

By now you’ve heard the good news that Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa is coming to the first ever Comic Con Africa. Of course, he is only the first headline guests confirmed by the event’s organisers, ReedPOP, Reed Exhibitions and VS Gaming. Yes, there will be many more big names to rub shoulders with come the 15th and 16th of September 2018. Nerds, geeks, fanboys and fangirls pay attention! Here is your chance to win a weekend pass to one of the year’s biggest comic book events.

Comic Con Africa is to be held at the Kyalami International Convention Centre in South Africa between September 14-16 2018. While it won’t be the first convention of its kind in South Africa, it is the first time it’s ever been done on this scale. For the first time, it is truly an international event. This is all thanks to ReedPOP, who have a history of hosting Comic Cons worldwide. There will be geek merchandise, toys, gaming, cosplayers, props, and exciting panels taking place. It really is a geek’s dream come true.

You can find out more about Comic Con Africa on their website: General admission will cost R150 per day – with three day passes already sold out.

Comic Con Africa

To stand a chance of winning a weekend pass to Comic Con Africa, all you need to do is tell us why you’d like to go and what you’d like to see at the event (in the comments section below). Please use a working email address.

Competition closes Friday, 31th August 2018.

The Giveaway is restricted to readers residing in South African who have signed up for our newsletter only and cannot be exchanged for cash. Terms and conditions/Site Disclaimer rules apply. One entry per person. The winners will be contacted via email. The prize excludes travel, is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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  1. Nazli Appleby

    I would literally love to see EVERYTHING!! It has been a seriously wish of mine to be able to attend Comic-Con in America but alas :(. But now with it coming to South Africa, it makes the goal a little bit more attainable!. Though I have to add seeing Jason Momoa would be like the best :) Also wouldn’t mind seeing the cast of Game of Thrones and all the cool cosplayers.

  2. Vampyre Squirrel (Gareth)

    Comics! Cosplay! So many things to see, do, and spend money I don’t have on! What more reason would I need? hehe

  3. Veronica Sengers

    I want to go for the merchandise, cosplay and of course Jason Momoa. Can’t wait to share the experience with my husband.

  4. Dere Langford

    I missed FanCon and Free Comic Book Day and this would make up for that!!! Will be going for celebs, comics, games and panels….

  5. Jesse

    I reaaaaalllly wanna go to Comic Con! JASON FREAKING MOMOA is going to be there! Freaking hell! The comic books would be epic! And the atmosphere and people are gonna be on fire!

  6. Claire Cramer

    This would be incredible. To experience and see all the local talent and see how everything else that this event has to offer.

  7. Jameel Haswary

    Always a major dream of mine. To be rubbing shoulders with the amazing actors from all my favorite shows. Khal Drogo and anyone else FROM game of Thrones and the big bang theory cast, amongst others. Would be one of the best days of my life. 🙌

  8. Vimal Sardar

    Aside from me being a huge comic book fan for the past 35 years, my wife wants to go see Jason Mamoa. I now walk around the house with a mop to wipe up her drool every time Jason Mamoa’s name is mentioned. Every time his name is mentioned, she lets out a little sigh

  9. Lebogang Molefo

    I want to go to Comic Con because that will be the event of the year. If you don’t go there then you’re a loser and nobody wants to be a loser. I want to see all the incredible cosplays that people never bring to Rage and Geekfest. I want to see Khal Drogo *insert drool face* and all the international stars that will be there. This will be the biggest nerd/geek/weirdo gathering in Africa and missing it would be heartbreaking. I want to attend the panels so I can ask questions regarding shows and movies that have been eating at me for years. Also I will probably be buying out the whole place because of the awesome merchandises that will be there.

  10. Jeremy Coetzer

    I would love to go to see the cosplay (and highly likely particepate myself) as well as being a massive fan of commics.

  11. Cleo

    I want to see ALL the things!! But my real interest would be all the cosplay entrants, any cosplay workshops/panels. Also any tabletop exhibits/gamesplays would be my next best thing.

  12. Augusto Luyo Sanchez

    I would like to go because it’s gonna be awesome and it will make my year! I hope to see Thanos, I have a bone to pick with him😡

  13. Sylvia

    I’ve just gots to win! I wanna see it all, meet my heroes, dress up, introduce my 10 year old to all that is amazing!! We are already discussing our own costumes! Please let me win…i will be his hero 🙂

  14. Whelan Fielding

    This is the adult equivalent of a kid in a candy store… especially if it’s one owned by Willy Wonka.

    • Raza-ul Mustapha Allie

      I’ve always wanted to go to a comic-Con . i even emailed Comic-Con a couple of years back, asking if they were ever going to come to SA.. dreams coming true 😏

  15. Yuthika Singh

    I need that ticket coz I have to pay for flights and accommodation too. And I haven’t won the lotto yet. And I need to be with my awesome fellow geeks and nerds. And I don’t know if Comic Con will come to RSA again. So I need it.. please 😁

  16. Tamlyn de Vincenzo

    I really want to go because I love comics, grew up reading comic books. Being a mom raising a new generation superhero geeks and this would be a dream come true! Love all things Marvel and would love to see one of the Avengers- Thor maybe!

  17. Veru Shan Kowlassur

    I was a shy child growing up before the time of social media and cell phones. My escape was the world of comic books. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics and also watching old SCI FI movies where I was taken to galaxies and universes far away from real life.

    Reading the superheroes overcome their villains helped me become a more confident person.

    Comic Con is the greatest celebration of the stories I grew up reading and would love the opportunity to attend this event. Not because comic books heroes are all the rage now, but because they were my fortress of solitude growing up.

  18. Patricia hutchison

    I would like to go especially for the cosplay. And i would love to go see jason mamoa as auqa man.

  19. Kevin

    I had been planning a trip to San Diego since 2006 specifically to go to comic Con. Obviously budget reasons have always hindered me. Life is hard. But hell’s bells we have finally got something on our shores that can compete and I would love the opportunity to go. Everything will be amazing at this event and I have to go!!!

  20. Marelise

    I want to go Cosplay with all of my friends at the event and would love to take pictures with all the guests. I would love to see some of the Avengers cast at ComicCon, international cosplay guests and local guests (such as Baka Sakura Cosplay or KomboKatjie Online or Black Lily Cosplay). We are planning a DC Bombshells cosplay group inspired by Ant Lucia’s artwork, so to have Ant Lucia himself as a guest would be beyond amazing!

  21. Francis Pratt

    I’d like to go seeing as I can’t afford to go overseas to enjoy the international ones. Really love the culture of comics, games & nerdery.

  22. Carrie Pillay

    I’m a Cosplayer and would to experience a con of this magnitude. Also I would love to meet Aquaman! This would be a dream come true!

  23. Adam tomkins

    The idea of being at the first south African comic con is hugely exciting. It’s a landmark and as a huge fan of comics and avid collector for 40 years, the opportunity to be among the first visitors to this event, would be amazing.

  24. Sindie Allum

    We (hubby and i) of going to the United States for Comic Con but they isn’t going to happen for a long time.
    We are already trying to see where we can cut back in order to go to Comic Con Africa because it really is my husband’s dream.
    He is such a geek and so am I by association.
    We love seeing everyone in their Cosplay outfits, the imaginative and successful gender bends, the way they stay in character.
    If we won tickets, it would be a dream come true.
    Please pick us!

  25. Jonathan Ogden

    It’s the first one here so it’s a story to tell the kids one day. Being involved with everything geek for a whole weekend without having to travel to the states is an unmissable opportunity

  26. Ashvir Maharaj

    As a comic book for many many years this is going to be one of the most amazing experiences ever. Yes we had smaller events but this is going to be on a different level. I’ve been a fan of everything Superhero related since i was a little kid. I grew up with DC Comics and been a huge fan of their characters especially Superman . Being around fellow geeks and fans is just super awesome. I’m looking forward to all the merchandise, games, cosplay and ofcourse the celebs that are most likely to grace our shores including some big names in SA. That weekend the venue is going to be a Fortress of Solitude for many many like minded people and i hope i can be one of them for the entire weekend.

  27. Donovan Saffier

    My son Logan (aka Wolverine 🙅🏼‍♂️) who is 8 years, loves the Marvel Universe. Taking him to experience such cool event would blow his mind… And his dad’s of cause. At his age, he schools his buddies 👍🏼

  28. Danielle

    I’m from Cape Town, would love to see any of the cast from Critical Role…. I’m a huge fan for DnD and tabletop gaming, play any games be it consol, pc or handheld, have been reading and collecting comics for years and actively participating in cosplay and the betterment of the geek community in South Africa.

  29. Nasreen

    Growing up iv always wanted to go to a comic con and check out all the cosplay characters. To meet and greet all the amazing characters iv seen in the movies as well. It would be an amazing dream come true ♥

  30. Mrishka Pannalall

    I’ve been waiting years to go to comic con. I would love to go because graphic art is something I would love to do as a career ! I would also love to meet the cast of the big bang theory! Or even the cast of teen wolf. Or even meet Makoto Shinkai

  31. Nicolas Gonzalez

    Very keen to experience that vibe first-hand, and particularly to see some of the actors who will be there, and to hear insight and details directly from them about their previous and upcoming work.

  32. Aishvarya Singh

    I want to go because this is basically Tomorrowland for nerds. Or, in more local context, this is like Ultra for nerds. I wanna meet my people and have intense discussions about the things that other people roll their eyes at. Also, Jason.

  33. Kayla

    Comic Con has been my dream to go. I wanted to travel to San Diego just to go but now it’s here! I want to see the panels the most but I want to see literally everything. I am so excited for this.

  34. Danny

    I would really love to see all the amazing events in store for Africa’s first comic con… It is surely going to be epic. I am a massive comic book and movie fan. Can’t wait for September

  35. Brett Paikin

    Always wanted to go to Comic Con overseas but never had the opportunity to travel! Woyld be amazing to go to the local one-looks like its going to be a goody (will be there in a Star Wars outfit,first time for cosplay opportunity!)

  36. Willem

    Working on a wicked cosplay, but missed out on getting a weekend pass before they were sold out, so I still have no ticket yet.

  37. Nick Allum

    After years of following others on social media, with watching live streams and seeing all the photos and short clips, it would be absolutely amazing to be finally able to go to one that is being host in our country!

    With all the hard work from so many others over the past 10 years(plus/minus a few) with them generating support and interest in all these combined hobbies, games and cosplay(just to name a few)

    To steal a line from The Rock : FINALLY… Comic Con HAS COME TO SOUTH AFRICA! xD

  38. Pretty much everything! Pop culture amazes me, cosplay is quite a thing to look at and I’m a huge geeky gamer so I’m sure VS gaming will have something that tickles my fancy. Overall I would love to enjoy comic con the whole weekend long!

  39. Aasif S J

    I want to go because Comin Con! Also, so I can get my Sheldor freak on! #DreamSinceTheBigBang #ImTalkingAboutTheSeries

  40. Ilze

    I have recently lost my job unexpectedly so I have no funds for tickets and would have loved to cosplay at the event as I have worked so hard on my outfit and was very excited to be able to wear it at the con. Cosplay is my passion as well as all things geek, being able to go to our very first Comic con would be a dream come true for me. I would appreciate a chance to be able to go so very much. Those tickets would most definitely not go to waste if given to me, I would make the most of each moment there.

  41. Clint

    with fancon 2018 still fresh in my mind, there is nothing i want more to see than the comics, cosplay and the amazing art of the local artists

  42. Morne Frans

    It’s always been a dream to go a Comicon, to see all the cosplayers, games, new game tech everything this would be an awesome experience.

  43. Ntando

    I love everything about Comic Con. The nerd and geek culture celebrated by fans and creative of the same space is one to always experience.

  44. Sarah Jenkins

    I would love to meet Khal Drogo/Aquaman, see some amazing cosplays and buy some super cool geeky stuff 🤓

  45. Anesca

    I would like to go because for so long we have been marvel and comic fans and to see all that under one roof would be mind blowing

  46. Annabel Cronje

    Well where do i start !? Uhm why do i want to go . . . Easy, cause Jason Mamoa ;) Right, right ?? Just kidding. I want to go because this event is history in the making. a First comic con for Africa hosted right here in South Africa ! No longer do we have to observe and be jelly about all the other Comic cons all over the world where we only could wish upon a shooting star to able to attend, we actually can now ! I want to go so i can finally be around people who share the same interests as me and where its ok to be a little different and to like different things. And if thats not reason enough i dont know what is :3

  47. Charne van Niekerk

    think it’s safe to say that anyone who calls themselves a geek, fan, connoisseur, collectors with regards to comics, manga, anime, comic related movies, cosplay, roleplay it is the Mecca of geek culture and all of us wish to make the pilgrimage to the holy land. Finally Comic Con has come to our shores brining all its glory with it and not only do we get to attend the Con but to get to meet The Chieftain Khal Drogo and the man who made Aquaman badass Jason Momoa himself? I think the only thing that could top that would be telling me I get to wear Spartan-II armour in a zombie apocalypse.

  48. Tyler

    I would love to meet Jason Mamoa and also all the other amazing people that will be there and also to express my love for comics

  49. Aidan

    Well let’s face it as a Geek there’s everything at Comic Con, comics, collectables and like minded people that’s why I’d like to go

  50. Kaz Miller

    Comics and Cosplay are the main reason I need to go. The international guests too. Should be tons of fun!

  51. Candice Bantom

    I would love for my fiance’ to be able to go. This trip would be awesome for the both of us! Would love to see more of the comic culture, gamesplay and celebrities. The experience will count the most! P.S. I Love Harley Quinn!!!!!

  52. Jade

    This would be more than a dream ❤️ … I’ve avidly followed the San Diego ComicCon online, and I would absolutely love to attend the Con here in South Africa… Also, my son will be 9 months old in September, and I would love it if I could take him to the Con with cosplay for the first one in SA ❤️

  53. Christina Govender

    I want to go because I’ve always read and watched clips of the epic-ness that is Comic-Con is the US and I am extremely keen experience it for myself. Also getting an opportunity to see Jason Momoa and any of the cast of Game of thrones and BBT doesn’t come around everyday 🙂

  54. Michelle

    I would love to go to ComicCon to experience the very first of its kind in South Africa. Geeky Paradise! I’m looking most forward to the epic Cosplays and really want the chance to meet any international cosplayers that will be there :)

  55. Marilize von Well

    I have always wanted to go to Comic Con and cosplay. It’s amazing to see the effort everyone puts into their costumes and also it’s great to have other people who really appreciates the same things that I do such as the comics and their love for different fandoms.

  56. Philip de Kock

    My whole family is looking forward to a great time out. We are a gaming family and love all the geeky aspects of the event. For my daughter the cosplay is a highlight.

  57. Taryn

    To be able to go to the first ever held comic con event in south africa is reason enough!!! Of course to experience everything geek for a weekend will be amazing. Also would love to meet the cast of Critical Role

  58. Eduan

    Because this is Nerdvana, Geektopia!
    All the amazing cosplays, comics, nerds, games and Jason Momoa?
    Why the hell not?

  59. Henry Quinn

    Can’t wait… been following the rumour for years now. Can’t wait to see all the international guests.

  60. Junaid Jamie

    I’m a HUGE comic fan and comic Con is one of my dreams! I really want to experience it with my brothers, we’re planning a road trip from cape town just for Comic Con. My brother just got married and I promised my new sister that I’d take her as well!

  61. Razeen

    I want the experience of course and geek merchandise, toys, gaming, cosplayers, props, and exciting panels taking place … I want to be there for all of it !!!

  62. Ajith

    I’ve always seen clips of Comic Con in the US, this is truly a dream come true for all us Gamers, Geeks and Fan Boys here in SA. Would love to see the entire Marvel and DC Cast at SA’s first ever Comic Con.
    This is history in the making for us. Whoop Whoop!

  63. Firdous

    I want to go because it’s been a dream of mine to go to Comic Con, it seems so exciting to be around people who share the same interests. I REALLY want to see Jason Momoa and I hope that the Game of Thrones will be there. Also, cosplay would be pretty cool.

  64. Vishen Sewpersadh

    To see all the cosplayers, comic book stalls and definitely would want to get one of my Justice League or Aquaman comics signed by Jason Momoa himself.

  65. Dharshan Naidoo

    It would be an amazing opportunity to see the comics and cosplay at such a magnitude. It would also be brilliant to be surrounded by like minded people

  66. Lerusha Naidoo

    I would love to go to Comic Con Africa as I am extremely interested in the film and television industry. After school I would want to go into the field of editing and I believe that that techniques used in action films (especially Marvel and DC) are incredible.

  67. Zaakira

    I’m terribly curious. I’ve always been rather solitary with my geeky interests so I’d like to be able to see what more there is out there for me to expand my interests in. Also it’s exciting as heck. Comic con has always been something I’ve watched or read about, so being able to experience first hand what it’s about will be EPIC.

  68. MeeA Parkins

    All the cosplay fun, all the awesome stuff to see, all the geeks I love, who will almost certainly be there too, and all the excitement for our very first Comic Con for the very first time ever!! All the fangirling without an ounce of judgement from anyone, the food, the fantasy, the fulfillment of geek destiny on the African continent …Who doesn’t want to go, and if not, WHY not?!!

  69. Edwin le Grange

    I have lived on this earth for 25 years and have never been able to go to any Convention in South Africa. This would be the best way to take my Con Cherry. Please make this happen

  70. Ramona

    It would be my first time attending Iv always wanted to go but Iv always lived in another province but now I’m in Cape Town! And I so want to experience comic-con first hand the cosplay! Aqua man and rick worthy I look forward to seeing local and international artists at work as they draw design and animate their comics. Meet the authors and grab a few signed comics March and funko pops!

  71. Eldridge Le Kay

    Comics, comics, comics. I’m in it for the comics. Being collecting since I was 4 and now I own over 20000. Hoping to score some variant editions and maybe get 1 or 2 signed.

  72. Because Art is my life. And what better place to get lost in art especially when the fabric of comic com is stitched with creativity. I would love to see South African comic artists showing their stuff

  73. Joan

    Oh boy! Do you know how much and how long I yearned to go to Comic Con. But I thought i would never, cause I cant simply travel anywhere i want in the world. But now that it is here! A big dream come true. I would love to go because, as an artist, it would be an privilege to be surrounded by my passion. My mind is gonna go crazy I am telling you and its gonna blow if I get a weekend pass. There is just too much i hope to see, i cant say it all in one paragraph, but it it would be awesome to be a geek again. Thats for sure

  74. Janine Ray

    Iv never been to one ever! I think it would be awesome going seeing all the amazing stuff. Amazing people. Dressing up! I’d love it! Like a kid in a candy shop!

  75. Fabricio Rodriguez

    It’s on my bucket list of to do things before I die. I’ve always wanted to go to a comic con since I can remember. It would be a dream come true.

  76. I am an actual nerd. I am completing a Masters degree in chemistry this year and am a total movie geek too. In order to complete the stereotype, I am required by unwritten law to attend. Also to take a photo with Jason Momoa.

  77. Field Fourie

    I am a nerd, likewise, I am surrounded by incredibly nerd-like friends. To them, and me, this would be a once in a lifetime experience! I look forward to the autograph sessions and potentially huge savings on comics and memorabilia… of course, the cosplay is the best part!

  78. Yolleen

    Aqua man, Jason mamoa, uh aqua man hum did I say Jason mamoa 😍 and ofcourse the comics, gadgets and all the other amazing cosplay

  79. Fathima Esak

    I would love to go because I am a huge anime and fantasy fan. I would love to see a Game of Thrones section with the characters as well. It would be AMAZING!!!

  80. Jinxie

    I would love to go because I want to see my boyfriend who I hardly ever see at all play in the VS gaming Overwatch tournament finals. I would love to have the chance to support my love and be there for him it would mean the world to both of us

  81. DreamStalker

    Hey there! As a pop culture & comic book fangirl, I would humbly and truly appreciate a golden ticket to Comic-Con Africa! Fandom studies is a major passion of mine and as this is a 1st for us, I’d love to use this amazing opportunity to physically meet & connect with fans, make a few friends, get a chance to see a few of the famous faces that grace our screens & hopefully document this wonderful, exciting experience. Also – Thank you for running this competition, FoS – Kudos for getting us as close to the phenomenon as possible!

  82. Alecia Snyman

    I want to go to Comic Con Africa to have to the chance to geek out with friends and buy lots of merchandise, both official and local fanmade products.

  83. Nicole Glover

    Obviously would love to see all the special guests, love GOT and the magicians. Also really keen to see all the cosplay and boardgame stalls

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