DC Comics Rebirth

In celebration of DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Readers Den is giving three lucky readers the chance to win a copy of this revolutionary comic.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 comic book

DC Rebirth is a 2016 relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books. Using the end of The New 52 initiative in May 2016 as its launching point, DC Rebirth is intended to restore the DC Universe to a form much like that prior to the “Flashpoint” storyline, while still incorporating numerous elements of The New 52, including its continuity. It will also see many of its titles move to a twice-monthly release schedule, with all titles releasing at US$2.99.

It all begins here. Do not skip to the last page. Do not let a friend or message board ruin this comic for you. The future (and past) of the DC Universe starts here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

THEY SAID IT: “Rebirth is about focusing in on the core of the character and their respective universe,” says writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “It brings back what has been lost: the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!”

DC Comics Rebirth comic book preview #1

DC Comics Rebirth comic book preview #2

DC Comics Rebirth comic book preview #3

DC Comics Rebirth comic book preview #4

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 comic book preview #5

Win a Copy of DC Universe: Rebirth #1

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  1. I’ve followed DC comics since I was a kid in nursery school – be it in from the cassettes my dad would buy or coloring books then. My interest escalated during my school years and I started paying more attention to the vast array of characters and their interconnected universes.

    Sadly, university life was not as free as school and I felt myself being able to follow less series. I only managed to follow Batman and Justice League from the New 52.

    But the love and passion of delving into a comic book never leaves a person and I’d love to rekindle the flame that burned within me.

    To achieve this I feel DC Universe Rebirth #1 is the absolute perfect jumping-on point for me. Geoff Johns is a master of crafting universe-expanding tales and art from some of the most experienced and talented artists in the industry. This book will be perfect to hook me back me in!


  2. Gareth Pahliney

    After crisis, convergence and the new 52 , this next chapter in DC history is going to be EPIC ! It’s a must have – our children will look back on issues like these and wonder what it was like anticipating the launch of Rebirth ! Can’t wait to see what Geoff Johns has in store for us !

  3. Lyle Arends

    I read over 70 comis a month and most of them are DC. Been a DC fanboi (all up in it, ooh! Watch me crank it, watch me roll! Watch DC Fanboi and Superman that h–) all mah life. I tolds Harpo I kills him dead before I switch my loyalty over to anyone! I tolds him! I. Need. This! I MUST HAVE IT! MINE! LARFLEEZE MUST HAVE IT A — sorry, still got some of that orange light of avarice in me. My bad.

  4. Ernst

    Who wouldnt want to be a timetraveler? Past, Present and Future – come on! It is a no brainer! Besides, this geek needs his fix – gimme, gimme. Pretty please… !

  5. Smilo K Gosa

    Dc has been pushing the incredible Flashpoint limited series then to my amazement it was suddenly cancelled, followed by all titles set in the Dc universe also cancelled which I found super surprising.

    The continuity through the “New 52” featured new outfits and backstories for many of the long established heroes and villains in a so called soft-reboot. Some comics were just fine whereas some were just downright unnecessary.. The same reception I had grew with more readers around the world.

    Now comes “Rebirth” with it’s main aim of going back to the brilliant Flashpoint themes we all loved and wanted more of, what better way than to actually win the comic book and join the masses celebrating Dc going back to it’s roots.

  6. I am an Art Director so I really appreciate beautiful, visual communication. The artists and storytellers at DC are brilliant at creating this balance. A large part of why I have pursued a career in visual communication was influenced by DC comics. DC and the various universes that they have created means that there are various versions of these iconic characters and I just cannot get enough. Even when guest authors contribute to the DC library the stories and visuals are amazing. I loved the Wonder Woman Love and Murder by Jodi Piccoult and was lucky enough to get her to sign my copy of it (despite the judgements from those too “macho” to be associated with Jodi Piccoult and her work). So what I am saying in a nutshell… please help me grow my DC collection with this rad edition. Thank you. Please. Thank you. Please. Please. Please. Thanks

  7. It’s the REBIRTH man, come on! For our generation, this is the future, and for our kids (to come) this is history in the making! DC has come such a long way and to even get the chance to experience the Rebirth is massive! People need to realise that this is not a marketing tool, this is about how to approach mythology; about how to honor and celebrate the characters and their respective universes and embrace the values they embody. I am SUPER excited about the Rebirth!!

  8. Kevin Rule

    The whole premise is extremely exciting for me. Linking old timelines and the new and explaining why the new 52 had to happen…these are all things we are going to get answers for. It’s an incredibly bold step from DC…but hey they are the best so… ;)

  9. Danni Nyx

    Why do I want to read this comic? Simple, Marvel has overtaken the world with its fantastical stories and detailed arcs and I will always love them for that, but sometimes, I crave something thats not so bright (yes, I just called Marvel bright and yes, I do know how dark some of the arcs REALLY are) but DC has somewhat more of a grit and burn taste to it that its lost over the last decade or so. The deeper, darker underlying stories that dont translate as well to the big (or small) screen all the time because lets face it – people nowadays are idiots who cannot think past what they have been spoon-fed. So THAT is why I want to read this comic: Not because its totally awesome! but because im ecstatic about DC bringing back the heart of what their heroes and villains really are, people, sometimes super-powered people, but people nonetheless with the battles each of us face in our minds every day.

  10. I’ve never really read any DC comics before. I’ve wanted to, but I picking up certain story lines halfway down the line, or sometimes further is a bit daunting.

    This rebirth would be the perfect time for me to get my foot in the door.

  11. My biggest reason for wanting to read this is to witness the return of Wally West – which is also why I’m re-reading his run as The Flash. Also, a hard-copy of Rebirth? Come on, who wouldn’t go nuts for it?!

  12. Because I think it’ll be amazing! And as a writer (in the advertising industry) my mind is in overdrive how they are going to get us back to pre-flashpoint era while keeping New 52 continuity. I think it’s going to take some serious thought, creativity and skill to pull it off. And I can’t wait to see if and how they’ll pull this off!

  13. There is a sequence of events in place, one that cannot be altered that renders the Multiverse into shattered fragments of memory and time. Fragments that are stretched far out into the endless void of countless possibilities. Look, observe and you will see: A gunshot that rings out in a quiet alley and a boy is destined by the fear that defines him, a vessel, a remnant from a dying planet crashes and the child of the stars is gifted unto our Earth, a Princess from a forgotten world who carries the mantle of justice, a King who emerges from beneath the dark depths of the seas and a man…a man who runs…He runs and the shattered fragments seem like the pages of a book, the framed windows of an illustrated novel…he runs…

    His name is Wally West. And he needs to know, he needs Me to remember. He needs Me to find the answers. I need this book so that the fragments can be made whole…so that the Rebirth can happen. Get me this book quickly…run, Wally, run!

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