Win A Xbox One

Win A Xbox One

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WIN! WIN! WIN! At the launch of last week’s Xbox One, Fortress of Solitude was lucky enough to to win an Xbox One to giveaway to one of our readers (thanks Evan Saunders!). So here it is, your chance to win this awesome new console and all-in-one entertainment system by Microsoft worth R6299. Win A Xbox One!

Win A Xbox One

Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment. Where games push the boundaries of realism. And television obeys your every command. Welcome to the all-in-one, Xbox One.

One lucky reader stands to win the Xbox One (courtesy of Microsoft) by simply sharing this page on Facebook (your wall) or Twitter and then leave a comment below (in the comments section) saying thanks to Evan for winning on our behalf – on this page! The Giveaway/Competition closes Friday – 17th October 2014 at midnight. The Giveaway is restricted to South African readers who like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter only and cannot be exchanged for cash. Terms and conditions/Site Disclaimer rules apply.


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  1. Jaden van Giesbergen

    Thanks Evan u are the best hope the person who wins this is going to be happy they are very lucky we will wait and see!!!:D

  2. zakeroph

    Even you gem of a man, all this time I have wanted to tell you one thing but couldnt find the words till now…
    Thank you, simply that, thank you

  3. zakeroph

    I realise I spelt your name wrong, Evan thank you, I will just blame the misspell on the wave of emotions that has come over me, thank you once again

  4. That'sPrettyLouw (@bianca_louwtato)

    Evan, you were like a Magicarp. But now, because you’ve won on our behalf, you’ve become a Gyarados. Thank you

  5. Gord Laws

    You, Evan, are a glorious, golden, warrior of truth and light. Thank you, oh wondrous hero, for selflessly winning, on our behalf…

  6. Roanne Lalsab (@RoanneN)

    Thank you, Evan, for winning this! Now, if you can work your magic so that I can win this, I’d be really grateful! Thanks! :D

  7. Ezra

    Evan! Thanks so much for winning for us, You’re the bees knees, the witches brew, the dogs bollocks and all that other good stuff!

  8. kervyncloete

    Evan, Evan, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, we’ll hire a high-power attorney who will find some legal loophole to sue you guys into giving me all the next gen consoles, at least 10 titles of my choosing and a lifetime supply of turkish delight sweets.

  9. Christiaan Joubert (@OM3G4_247)

    Shared on my twitface! Yay…

  10. MIchael Harmse

    A thousand humble expressions of thanks and gratitude to that most awesome of human beings, Evan, for the Xbone. I shall think of you fondly every time I gaze upon its magnificence!

  11. Leon Beukes

    Thank you Evan for winning on our behalf, this could not have been done without you. This deed of yours will be told around campfires and will be passed down to future generations… and at the end, with the fall of the internet, when all posts are gone, comments disappeared and browsing history’s erased. You will become a mythical legend! (Stands up, Starts slow clap)

  12. Jonathan Quirk

    I am fond of all Evan’s , but my favourite is EVAN SAUNDERS :)

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this amazing console , it will be tested to its limits and put to excellent use!

    We applaude you sir :) and a good say to all!

  13. Ricardo Marcelino

    Thanks TO EVAN!!!! FOR WINNING ON OUR BEHALF I AM ALREADY VISUALIZING countless days and hours spent indoors playing XBOXONE FTW

  14. NiteFenix Beta 0.85 (@NiteFenix)

    I realise I can exchange the prize for cash, but can I exchange it for a PS4? I keed I keed! Thanks Evan for winning on our behalf!

  15. lizelle goliath

    Thanks to Evan for winning this AWESOME console for Fortress of Solitude… Thus making it possible for this AMAZING giveaway… Now hoping Lady Luck would be so kind to ME!!!

  16. Pose Zombie (@SauRoN_ZA)

    I could have sworn I did this yesterday…but here it goes again.

    Thanks Evan, for winning on our behalf!

  17. sagrenm

    Wow!!! Did you guys really win this for yourselves and are generous enough to give it away? Thanks Evan, for winning on our behalf!!!

  18. Grant

    You are the best guy since ForEvan! I appreciate you getting this for me, I really do. I have been really wishing for one! Thank you Evan Saunders. I hope I have spelled it correctly for the tattoo. #awkward

  19. Chris Krutch Wall

    Thanks Evan for winning in our behalf. I would have kept it instead of paying it forward, but I am from Kempton so…

  20. Michelle Hercules

    Thanks to Evan for winning on our behalf.

    Thank you Evan!!!!Mwah mwah,thank you so much. (*^_^*)

    I see you and I have quite a lot in common,studied the same degrees,love technology and are into Android app dev.Yes I looked you up,even on LinkedIn,lol….no I’m not stalking you.

    I’m a gamergirl,look me up on twitter @MHercie

  21. Redewaan

    I will say HISTORY repeats itself this time the clock worked for you ETHAN and you could take initiative and strike gold for the team just awesome way way better then all archive superhero`s “simply my XBOX because I am in it to win it” #draculauntold #lukeevans #dracula

  22. Werner

    “Evan – The Poem”.

    Evan Saunders is a champion of men
    He provides consoles that are of the next-gen
    Winning on the behalf of others is all in a days work,
    for this hero of the people (who is a bit of a quirk)

    Evan’s might started all but now
    When he was just a little tike
    he didn’t mind to share his bike

    ….or be a total jirk and punch Jarrod.

    Much like the heroes of our youth,
    Batman, Spider-Man or even Babe Ruth
    He watches over those who needs his help a ton.
    With a sandwich, a hug or even an XboxOne.

    But Evan Saunders need not wear a mask or a cape
    Since he doesn’t mind showing his face going on a hot date.

    So, be watchful of our unmasked hero.
    Know that we are grateful
    And good luck with that date ya’ foo!

  23. dubbelgeesreview

    Thanks Evan for winning on our behalf. You’re the best Saunders I know, even better than that old Colonel – Xbox is much better than a streetwise 2 box! And the winner is…… *Drum(stick) roll*

  24. Isak Burger

    Oh Evan you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Evan! I still have the original XBox, not even the 360 and I’m desperate for an upgrade! Thanks man!

  25. Jade

    would LOVE to win a Xbox for my boyfriend its his birthday on the 19th of October and i know he’d LOVE one! Please make his dream come true Evan Saunders! :)

  26. Nicolas Ronaldo Kooyman

    If I could win this prize, i will truly be grateful and feel so blessed to have won. Thank you Evan, you are truly a good person:)

  27. Vaughan Blignaut

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks to Evan for winning on our behalf – 3rd Xbox comp I am entering… 3rd time lucky?

  28. Leroy

    Thank you Evan Saunders for winning on our behalf and giving away this amazing Xbox Edition…

  29. Whelan

    A huge thank you to Evan Saunders for winning such a kiff prize so that we can experience many nights of button tapping.
    RT on twitter for all to know of the awesomeness.

    PS. I have xbox games, but no xbox. How lame is that?!

  30. Juan Carmen Chetty

    Evan Sauders you are a beast. Thank u In advance for considering me as the lucky winner…all the best to everyone and thank u Evan once again

  31. Adriaan Van Niekerk

    Dear Evan, thank you being so kind and generous to win this prize and now giving us the chance to win. We are forever greatful.

  32. Steven Tu ▀█▀ █▄█ (@Tuism)

    Shared! Kudos Evan for spreading the love, here’s to the lucky winner! (And final fantasy FFXV!)

  33. Du Toit Johan Smith

    Thanks Ewan – I made it clear on my Facebook post that you are the winner to be congratulated, making the Fortress proud and by providing someone else the opportunity to be an Xbox One owner. *Applause*

  34. Selby Mncube

    Thank you Evan for winning a super-dooper Microsoft Xbox One on our behalf. The reader that will be privledged to win this console will definately be estatic!

  35. Jarryd Chuck Kalideen

    Brother Evan, you are a legend, even the Master Chief would salute you for winning the X1. “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference. ” – Half Life 2 :-)

  36. simba

    Thank you EVAN for this opportunity to win a xbox one. I am forever in your debt. Thanks for the xbox one. I really appreciate it.

  37. Jonathan Strauss

    Evan……I sincerely want to thank you on behalf of all the Gamers in South Africa that really can’t afford to be part of the New Generation. I want to thank you for making it possible to own a XBOX ONE and be part of a universe that allot of people don’t understand. a universe that gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger….to be part of a world where you don’t have to explain who you are…..all you have to do is show up and be the best that you can be…..escape to our forbidden paradise…….IT REALLY MEANS MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW..Thanks

  38. Sylvester Raymond Game-slayer Barry

    Thank You Evan for winning me this awesome prize, dont evn know you……….just shows how awesome of a guy u R!!!!

  39. Oethman Khan (@greatwyt)


    You are so awesome man will done! What an epic win. And thank you for sharing it with us. I hope i can win as well lol

  40. Matt

    What a ledgend Evan Saunders, a true nerd giving all nerds to opportunity of a lifetime :) I thank you a million times and more!

  41. Chantelle van der Berg

    My husband will kiss me all over if I win him this…or wait…he won’t, because he will be playing on the XBOX

  42. Vimal Sardar

    Evan, thanks for winning this on our behalf! You seriously rock. On a side note, my wife joined me at the raAge expo this past weekend. We spent quite a bit of time at the Xbox One stall. I, jokingly, asked her if we need to upgrade our console. She looked at me, said “Yes” and went back to watching the dance game on show. I’m still not sure if she is more interested in Dance Central 4 or Mortal Combat X

  43. Grant Falconer

    Evan, I would like to personally thank you for accepting the winning of the xbox one on my behalf, as sadly I could not be there as you all know. You seriously are an awesome guy and you truly and honestly have my thanks. This means a lot to me as I write this because i have been a fan of xbox for as long as i can remember and i would just like to thank all my fans for allowing me to win this. (Please note, i know i haven’t actually won, just being creative).

  44. Shawn

    Evan, you are the hero South African gamers deserve. You’re not just our hero. You’re a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A winner on our behalf. A dark knight.

  45. Lood du Plessis

    There once was a fine guy called Evan
    who was sent like manna form heaven
    He won an Xbox
    and unlike some jocks
    he agreed to give it away as a present!

    Thank you. Dankie. Ngiyabonga. Enkosi. Siyabonga kakulu. Ke a leboga. Ke a leboha. Ndi a livhuwa. Ndzi khense ngopfu.

  46. Sora (@Fidathedreamer)

    Thanks Evan Saunders! A gamer living in a pixelated dream desires to wake up with new textures and higher resolutions. Send that Xbox my way :)

  47. Peter

    Thank you master Evan,i will be forever grateful and will bow at your knees if the force is with me and lady luck grant me the chance to play with this powerful beast and overcome the enemies that rule the game world. Long live king Evan Saunders!

  48. inn3rs3lf

    Why thank you Evan Saunders for winning on our behalf.

    Not many people are willing to go to lengths such as you have…and for that I applaud you.

    Rock on brother \m/

  49. Ian Minnaar

    ♫♫ Oooooooh he’s a jolly good fellow; And so say all of us! ♫♫
    ♫♫ Ons sê baie baie dankie vir die Xbox One! ♫♫

  50. Kyle Lee

    Yo Evan Saunders thanks for hooking Fortress of Solitude up with this mighty fine Xbox One that they’re about to give to me!

    Legends all of you!

  51. Nicolson Moetsi (@iam_Nicolson)

    Thanks to Evan for winning on our behalf… You’re the greatest of the greatest and an awesome Legend above all Legends. They say all Legends are dead now, well they’re all wrong… coz one is Evan

  52. Shahil Juggernath

    Totally looking forward to having a gaming session at my place with Evan. Will totally give him drinks and sweets and hand made savoury treats

  53. Darryl Linington

    I witnessed Evan win this glorious prize! He battled it out with some of the best FIFA players and ultimately came out on top. Evan Saunders, you are a legend… THANK YOU!

  54. Riyaadh

    Thanks Evan….How about sharing some of that next gen graphics with a bro that’s in need of it! #NoBudgetForNextGenConsole #Broke #Desperate lol :’)

  55. Dian Loubser


    I can’t thank you enough for winning this for me. From one gamer, I assume, to another, I just wanted to thank for for keeping the reality of gaming alive.
    We both love Microsoft’s Xbox series and I would very much appreciate it if you could have a word with them on my behalf and thank them as much as, well you’ll know what to say.

    Thank you goodnight much love!

  56. Allan cooper

    I could really do with one of these to entertain the kids and grand kids when they visit. Goes without saying that my wife and myself will enjoy it when they’re not here.

  57. inn3rs3lf

    You know, I’ve come back just to add something…
    Evan, you won the Xbox One for your own personal pleasure, yet decided to give it up for in order for them to do the exact same as you…pay it forward. This is something we are lacking on so many levels. So, on behalf of the whole community here at FOS, THANK YOU! Thank you for putting yourself aside and giving one of us the chance to experience next-gen gaming whereas we would never have been able to.

    I hopefully will be able to do the same one day…

  58. sean

    comment….hmmm….i marked this spot with an X therefore the X marks this spot therefore Xbox spot….um yea that’s my final pirate answer aaarrrr

  59. Michael Peyper

    Now I can’t remember if I already entered or not, (it comes with the age) – but one can never say Thank You enough, so again … Thank You Evan for winning on our behalf !! You Da Bomb

  60. Dayle Claasen (@Decembermaloy)

    thanks Evan Saunders!, I still don’t know why I’m doing this…., how did I get here? What sorcery is this!?!?

  61. Arthur Bacchus

    thanks to Evan for winning on our behalf
    I would probably slip into a coma if I win this :)
    But when I come out of that coma, boy watch out!
    *fingers crossed

  62. Jonathan Strauss

    Just wanted to say thank you again Evan
    for giving us this opportunity. …the suspense is killing me….good luck to everyone…I am sure that the best gamer will win!!!

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