With social media going a buzz with all the Ronda Rousey as Captain Marvel articles, it leads me to question if she is the right woman for the job.


I am a huge Ronda fan and I believe that she is the pound for pound best fighter in the UFC right now. There is no other fighter like her and there will not be another in a long while. She is inspirational, real, compassionate and the perfect role model. She is a people’s champ, hence she is friends with The Rock. Surprisingly, she is also a geek of note and her favorite anime character is Vegeta. So, she is pretty darn amazing. But does all of this qualify her for the position of Captain Marvel?

This is Marvel and a character like Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel needs to swoop in and stand among the greats.

She was in “Expendables 3”, which was a rather disappointing film. Then she was in the action packed Furious 7, standing alongside some of the great names in action movies today. However, she only had a few lines and then got down and dirty with some close quarter combat. Then she was in Entourage, basically being herself. Now this is a pretty small acting resume. People that have studied the art of acting and have dedicated their lives to the craft. Look at Hemsworth. He is Thor. And sometimes I forget he is actually acting. I watched “Black Hat” recently and thought it was a film about Thor hacking computers. Then I watched “Rush” and thought, “hey, Thor is pretty good at driving too.” So the point is, these are big names that fill seats and the question is whether or not Ronda is ready to step up to the challenge and play such an important character? I am not so sure. I want her to have it and I want her to be the best Captain Marvel ever, but this is a major task and the reality is that Marvel could cast better.


My choices for the role include: Katheryn Winnick, this is a talent with years of experience behind her and she does not show her age at all! Although mostly a series actor, she has managed to work in a load of popular television shows. She is mostly known for Vikings and is also well known for Bones. But she has a far longer list which includes plenty of appearances on popular shows such as CSI, Person of Interest, The Glades, Law and Order and The Transporter. She is also a martial arts expert who obtained a black belt at 7 years old and she has gone on to open three of her own martial arts schools!

captain marvel movie

Another great candidate is Yvonne Strahovski, the actress that helped make Chuck one of NBC’s greatest shows to date. It was so successful that they are actually looking at bringing it back for another season. Her list of achievements is simply stunning. She is also known for her character in the Mass Effect gaming series for which she won an award as well! Her beauty has got her featured in the Maxim Hot 100 for a number of years and she also made number #35 on the Maxim Hot 100 of 2012. She has also been honoured in an Australian filming award alongside a Hemsworth. Yes, she is Australian – as with most of Hollywood. Although her last mainstream film “I-Frankenstein” was a horror of a film that left most utterly disappointed; Yvonne is bouncing back in 2016 in Batman: Bad Blood as she voices Batwoman. She is not a stranger to the comic scene and is definitely the strongest contender for the role of Captain Marvel. She has experience, beauty, talent and will fit right in with the high profile actors in the Marvel cinematic universe.

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Another actress that could do this role justice has to be Emily Blunt. Emily has a long list of great movies that she has acted in, and, in fact, most of her movies have garnered a cinematic release. She has done it all from drama, to comedy and lots of action. And from what we have seen in Lip Sync battle – she really knows how to get into character. Emily is basically the opposite of Katheryn and Yvonne. She has a film career that far outweighs her television show career. But unlike any of the above, she also has a stage career. She has the experience and that most of Marvels actors do not have, so she will fit right in with the existing Marvel cinematic universe as she will be an actress that does more than take a job. She will become the character and she will be badass as seen in “Edge of Tomorrow”. Although she may not have won numerous awards, her casting as Captain Marvel could get her some.


And last and very least Miley Cyrus… just kidding!

So even though Ronda is the crowd favorite at the moment, I am happy for her and I am going to let her finish… in the media, but realistically there are stronger contenders for the role and Marvel will take this into consideration. Should Ronda get a few more movies under her belt (Not her UFC belt), maybe then we will feel more confident in her taking the mantle of Ms. Marvel. I really think Rousey is great and she is an amazing athlete and human in general, but I am not sure she is the right casting for this role. She may have the physique and the fighting ability to pull the action scenes off, but this is not On-Bak. Marvel relies on the dialogue in order to build the perfect story and this can only be pulled off with a high level cast of actors. Who do you think should be cast?


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