After Justice League‘s financial disappointment and mixed critical reception, it’s looking likely that we’ve seen the last of Ben Affleck as Batman. Yeah, we’re bummed about it, too, but you can see in the reshot scenes that his heart isn’t in it anymore, so it’s probably best to part ways now.

With Matt Reeves’ The Batman set to start production in 2018, the big question is, who’ll be in the leading role? We’ve heard the whispers about Jake Gyllenhaal being a big favourite, but who are the other contenders?

Here are our five picks for the next Batman.

Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode

Oh, is he too skinny? Well, that’s okay. He can bulk up like EVERY OTHER ACTOR WHO HAS PLAYED A SUPERHERO. Seriously, though, Matthew Goode is a tremendous actor who deserves a major starring role, and he’s already got history with DC having portrayed Ozymandias in Zack Snyder’s Watchman.

At nearly 1.9m, he’s also tall enough to represent the latest iteration of the Dark Knight. Do you really want a short Batman again?

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

For years, Jon Hamm has been many fans’ pick for the Caped Crusader. Hamm has nailed the Bruce Wayne look and it also doesn’t hurt that he’s a fine actor fully capable of performing the dual role of Bruce and Batman.

The only issue is that Hamm has said he isn’t interested in superhero roles. Although, we suspect a few extra zeroes at the end of his cheque should turn him into the biggest fan of the World’s Greatest Detective.

Finn Wittrock

Finn Wittrock

While everyone might think Finn Wittrock is in line to portray Dick Grayson/Nightwing, what if he’s set to play a younger Bruce Wayne in The Batman? He certainly has the looks to pull it off and the jaw line to look good in a cowl.

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Choosing Wittrock would also be a wise choice for the franchise since he isn’t a big A-list name, so it’s unlikely that he’ll cost as much as other actors or have numerous scheduling conflicts. We need someone for the long run here, and Wittrock could be our man.

Armie Hammer Batman

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer nearly played Batman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal, so he’s already familiar with what’s at stake and the magnitude of the role. Yes, he has said that no one has contacted him for a superhero part and he isn’t actively looking, but it seems like Hammer was born to play this role.

He incredibly tall, built like a rugby player, and could pull off a younger version of Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader in The Batman. He could be Warner’s go-to guy, and he’s right under their nose.

Hugh Jackman Batman

Hugh Jackman

Before you blow a gasket, hear us out first. Hugh Jackman has retired the claws and said he won’t portray Wolverine anymore, so what’s next for him? Well, Batman. Possibly.

Jackman has shown that he has a passion for superhero roles, having committed 17 years of his career to this genre so he’ll definitely miss it at some point. Wolverine is a massive character and there aren’t many bigger comic characters than him, except for the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Spider-Man. With three of those four being unlikely (or very funny, depending on how you look at it), we think the Dark Knight is far more probably. Imagine how the internet would explode if he’s announced as the next Batman!

Tell us, who do you think should portray Batman next? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I’m less concerned with who the next one is and more concerned with how they present it. If they just swap out the actors like nothing ever happened I will be super bummed BUT if they have it as Ben passing down the cape to a new younger guy that doesn’t dislocate shoulders… well that’d be ammmazing. They’ve not put that progression on the big screen yet and I think it would be an awesome way to handle it.

  2. We’ve got a guy that works with us names Justin,he looks amazing almost identical to Jake G,him and couple of friends went to a strip club,one of the girls said do you know who you look like?,he said no. She said that guy that played in broke back mountain

  3. Why not Scott Adkins. Trained martial artist – check. Stuntman – check. Fight choreographer – check (and believe me it will be insane fight scenes) and not to mention he practically has the Batman physique

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