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Right about now you should be reading a Super-Powered Properties article about The BatCave. Or a review of the classic Daffy Duck cartoon StuporDuck. Or an op-ed piece about why the Old 52 Superman with George Reeves was so cool, or a write-up of Deadpool – The Circle Chase. Instead you’re stuck reading this, and I’m sorry to those of you who don’t like it but maybe stick with it, you never know what may happen.

Then again, since you can’t please everyone, maybe not.

So here’s a quick run through to clear up a couple of those things:

The BatCave is cool but the fumes from the amount of guano in there can’t be healthy. Nice computer, lots of nice BatMobiles plus a BatBoat, BatPlane, BatWing and so on. It’s a whole lot better than the barn he used to use. There are lots of old Batgirl and Robin costumes and lots of additional mini-BatCaves all over Gotham. Despite all of those, the main BatCave is still the best of all of them, and I really liked that ’66 one where everything in it was labelled. Plus the BatCave makes a great place to hold a party, as seen in the Static X music video for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It’s a groovy place.


Next up is StuporDuck, a very fun old cartoon in which Daffy takes on the persona of Cluck Trent, who in turn becomes StuporDuck. He sets out to foil a villain who actually doesn’t exist, and in turn winds up causing more havoc upon a city than he incorrectly thinks is actually going to happen. It isn’t ha-ha-funny, but it’s still a great parody of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons.


Speaking of Superman, George Reeves was an excellent Superman and those Old 52 episodes still entertain me. The Haunted Lighthouse in particular is a classic, especially since it’s a Jimmy Olsen episode for the most part. Jimmy never quite seems to get the credit he deserves. These days Reeves doesn’t quite get the respect he deserves either, because he was a convincing Clark Kent as well as a powerful Man of Steel. If you never saw those episodes, you should give them a go.


Deadpool’s Circle Chase was one of his early solo adventures and wasn’t really that good, although it did pave the way for the fantastic Joe Kelly/Ed McGuinness series that followed. It laid some groundwork for better stories, but on the whole I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to complete your collection.

I guess there are common links here, if you’re willing to follow the bouncing ball that serves for my brain and play a six degrees of lean back bacon. The recurring theme for the Deadpool series was ducks, with chapter titles like Duck Soup. Ducks In A Row, and so on. Daffy would have appreciated that, and StuporDuck leads to Superman. George Reeves was in an army film about VD with Robert Lowery who later went on to play Batman in one of the serials, and the BatCave came from the serials and not the comic books. True story.

So why would I do four articles in one? Because I have to.


The World Cup is on. What can I say? Watching 22 people jog up and down a small field for 90 minutes, three times a day, eats into my writing time. Don’t worry, it won’t be on for long and I’ll be back with proper articles soon enough, ready to explain why I never understood The Flash when I was younger, why I’m getting freaked out about the Ant-Man film and just why Lobo is the Rodney Dangerfield of comic books.

Until then, maybe you can help me with a problem. I’ve got a copy of Blue Beetle #14 (It’s a Guy thing) that’s got a serious printing issue. Half the pages are repeats of the other half, and because of that a chunk of the story is missing. It’s an oddity in my collection, and very confusing. I can understand the out-of-sequence printing, the gaps in the tale, the missing pages and the repetition as a mistake, but please, can somebody tell me…

…when is the Ultra-Humanite going to put some pants on?!

Batman image credit: brokenchopstick.deviantart.com

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