Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a month away and Warner has released the best trailer yet for the upcoming blockbuster.

The new trailer is all about Batman kicking ass, Superman dominating in hand-to-hand combat and generally fleshing out the tensions between the two superhero icons. Here are a few things you might have missed…

Batman is super strong, fast and pretty hardcore

Batman is able to single-handedly take down a whole gang of baddies. They never even stand a chance as he punches and kicks his way through the entire group. What’s most surprising is just how strong Batman is. He is able to punch and hit guys so hard that it sends them flying across the room in acrobatic falls. This is in line with the Dark Knight Returns comics, which shows an older Batman beating guys to a pulp in a warehouse in a similar fashion.

Alfred helps Batman on his missions

Batman v Superman

“Master Wayne, thermal imaging is showing two dozen hostiles on the third floor. Why don’t I drop you off on the second?” asks Alfred. He seems to be controlling The Batwing from a joystick back in the Batcave. This is a step away from Christopher Nolan’s Alfred who seemed to be slightly less involved and more interested in fixing Bruce after his fights. In Batman v Superman, Alfred is going to be a key player.

Batman uses the Grappling Gun a bit

Batman v Superman

One thing that always bugged me about the previous movies is that Batman hardly used his grappling gun in fight sequences. They were mostly used for his getaway trick. It’s nice to see it here in action. Snyder was clearly influenced by the Arkham games here. He is a stealth fighter. Check out the Batarangs too.

Batman is getting old

Batman v Superman

“I’m getting slow in my old age, Alfred,” says Bruce. What? Really? Imagine how fast this guy was back in the day if he thinks this is slow. This is a Batman who is all about kicking ass and taking numbers. Could this feeling of worthlessness be what motivates Batman to take on the Man of Steel – a desire to make an impact and prove that he is the hero he once was?

Superman confronts Batman in Gotham

Batman v Superman

The burning “Gotham City Gas” tanks tell us we’re in Batman’s home turf for this car accident. More importantly, it seems that this is their first encounter outside of their Bruce meets Clark Kent meet-up. That means that the two might face off more than once in the film. This scene might prompt Batman to develop the suit we see later in the film.

Clark and Lois have a bath

Batman v Superman

Perhaps Clark Kent moves in with Lois. They’re certainly doing things that require him to restrict his strength. The MPAA rating for Batman V Superman stated it had “intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality”.

Batman fires something at Superman

Batman v Superman

Knowing Batman, Superman catching whatever is in his hand might be part of his plan. Could this be Kryptonite? Could this be what weakens Supes and gives Batman a fighting chance? Will he bleed? Will Batman v Superman introduce Kryptonite to the DC Universe? Will Lex help create this weapon?

Diana catches the eye of Bruce Wayne

Batman v Superman

Well, and others clearly. Diana Prince is at what looks like the same fundraiser from the other trailers.

Batman also gets his ass handed to him

Batman v Superman

I’d hate to see the bruises in the morning. It seems the fight won’t be one sided. Both Batman and Superman put up a good fight. The fight eventually goes aerial.

Wonder Woman leaps into action

Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman is super brave in this scene and leaps ahead — assumingly at Doomsday. It’s super cool and we now know that we’ll definitely see a bit of her in action. She gives out a mighty yell, too.

Lois Lane joins the fight

Batman v Superman

It’s hard to make out what this is exactly. Is this Lois trying to escape Doomsday’s blast? Will she be saved by Aquaman? Why is this lady always in the middle of the trouble?

Something shocks/frightens Martha Kent

Batman v Superman

Did something bad happen to Clark?

The Omega symbol of Darkseid in the field

Batman v Superman

Batman goes Mad Max in this (possible dream) sequence. Is this a vision of things to come? Or is it the end of the film? Either way, it’s cool to see Batman’s sporting a trenchcoat.

Superman is surprised

Batman v Superman

Batman always comes prepared. This is probably what happens just after Batman shoots him with the Kryptonite. Then again, maybe Batman’s new armor also allows him to stop Superman’s punch. Either way, Superman realises the fight’s not such a sure thing after all.

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