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What Google Knows About You

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Google has come a long way since starting out as a basic search engine run from a garage. While Google search improved upon older, legacy search engines, they quickly incorporated a number of different business ventures and ideas under the Google Inc. umbrella. The company has become so engrained in the modern world, that most of us refer to searching for information as “Googling it” or to request to “Google it”. Amongst the most used Google service we have Google search, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube, which only account for a few of numerous other services and background systems at work in the greater scheme of things. So, with all these services, Google has for years been adapted their AI to better track and design profiles on each user, based on a single Google account. Here’s just some of the information Google knows about you.

[The below compilation works best with Chrome Browser, but will also work in other browsers provided that you’ve already signed into your Google account. Also note that some of services require previously having accepted them on Google.]

1. Google Ad Profile

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Have you ever wanted to know how Google sources ads customised specifically to you? Follow the link to see what information was collected to build your profile: Ads Settings

2. Security and Privacy Report

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To view which of Google’s services you’re currently using, visit your account activity page: Dashboard

3. Location History

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If you’ve signed onto any Android device and opted to save or share your location history, Google knows where you’ve been in recent weeks: Location History

4. Google Search History

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Since almost all of use Google as their primary search engine (unless you’re one of a handful using Bing or Yahoo), then you can view your tracked search history: Search History

5. Apps and Devices Accessing Your Google Account

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Typically, whenever you install or use any of Google’s services from your Android smartphone, there are often requests to access your data. Here you can view which apps and devices are using said data: Account Activity

6. YouTube Search History

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Many of us often get stuck in the dreaded YouTube loop, there are occasions whereby we wish to watch a clip you breezed past without any thought. To view your full YouTube search and viewing history, visit this page: YouTube Search

7. Device and Activity History

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As time goes by, we often swap out our smartphones for the latest and greatest. Users can view their device activity, for which you’ve logged onto with your Google Account: Device Activity

8. Google Plus Photos

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With Google Plus making more of its presence felt on your Android device, a separate, but related app, is working in the background saving your recently taken photos to the cloud. Although users can turn this feature off, it often starts uploading before you’ve realised it. Thankfully, though, these photos are not shared on your G+ page unless you opt to: Photos

9. Panoramio

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Speaking of cloud-saved photos…if you’ve publicly shared any of your photos from your device, Google has built an app that creates a collage of these photos from around the world. This can sometimes be a little creepy if you’ve accidentally shared anything in the past: Panoramio

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