Watch Dogs 2

We knew it was coming, and now it has officially been announced by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 will be releasing in November 2016 and will feature a new protagonist.

Watch Dogs 2
Not only will Watch Dogs 2 feature a new protagonist called Marcus Holloway, a street savvy kid raised in Oakland. It is immediately evident that Marcus is quicker and more nimble than Aiden ever was. Marcus also prefers using a billiard ball tied to paracord as his main weapon of choice, which seems silly but watching it in action it is apparent why the team decided to include this unusual weapon in his arsenal.

It seems that Marcus will be relying more on the use of  homemade weapons to defend himself with, these will include 3D printed guns. Marcus also has some new hacking abilities such as the ability to hack into vehicles and drive them around remotely. Along with this new hacking ability, Marcus also has the use of a small RC car and a quad copter to help him scout his environments.

Watch Dogs 2 has left behind the streets of Chicago and have exchanged these for the scenic views of San Fransisco. This, of course, fits in with the narrative as it makes sense that a kid like Marcus who grew up around Silicon Valley would turn out to be quite tech savvy.

I was worried that Watch Dogs 2 would not be able to build upon the foundations of the previous game, but I’m glad to admit that this does not seem to be the case. The new protagonist looks interesting and different enough from Aiden, the city seems beautiful and the new mechanics looks set to change the gameplay up quite a bit. Overall I find myself getting excited for Watch Dogs 2.

Below is the world announcement trailer for the game:

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