Watch The RAGE 2 Leaked Reveal Trailer

After Walmart Canada slipped up revealing Bethesda’s RAGE 2, amongst other upcoming games, a 15-second announcement trailer for the game has leaked online.

Watch The RAGE 2 Leaked Reveal Trailer

The leaked RAGE 2 announcement trailer is surprisingly colourful for a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The new tone and feel of the game seems to resemble that of another popular post-apocalyptic gun totting game, Borderlands…cough.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much beyond the new colourful approach, some live-action footage and a few in-game shots. To be honest, it’s got me very intrigued and excited for a full reveal of the game.

RAGE was developed by id Software, released back in October 2011 and takes place in the future after a period ravaged the planet. It’s a franchise that draws much of its inspiration from the Fallout games and Mad Max films. While the original game tended to be more serious in nature, the follow-up, judging from the trailer, is set to be more tongue in cheek.

What do you think of the reveal trailer? Do you like what you are seeing or would you prefer a more serious approach in RAGE 2?

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