From the studio that gave us the beautifully hand-drawn indie game Jotun comes another amazing looking game called Sundered.

Thunder Lotus games have announced their next game called Sundered, that shares the same exquisitely hand-drawn art style that their previous game Jotun had. Similar to its predecessor, Sundered’s gameplay focuses on boss battles. The team have taken what they have learned through their development of Jotun and have created an “infinitely replayable” and non-linear gameplay experience in the “Metroidvania genre”. Players take on the role of Eshe, a “wanderer in a ruined world”. Players will need to fight not only for their survival but sanity as well as they take on all kinds of horrifying bosses. The game has multiple endings and has a procedurally generated world which adds to its replayability. The game is planned for launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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