Stranger Things

After finding ourselves enamored with Netflix’s surprise hit Stranger Things we can’t wait for season 2 to debut in 2017. Netflix has released a teaser news report video detailing the events from the first season. Be warned SPOILERS follow.

Stranger Things
The Stranger Things report is from a fictional news station 5 WIYZ. During this report, the news anchor touches on some of the events from the first season, specifically the disappearance of Barbra Holland (played by Shannon Purser), whose disappearance is said to be addressed in season 2.

It has been reported that the second season of Stranger things will debut in 2017 and will span a total of nine episodes, one episode longer than the first season. The show will pick up in the fall of 1984, and will reveal more about the Demogorgon and the Upside Down. Matt and Ross Duffer will be returning to write and produce, both have indicated that season 2 will be weirder and darker than the first. We can’t wait.

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