Sexy Brutale

Watch: The Sexy Brutale Teaser Trailer

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Tequila Works and Cavalier  have released a teaser trailer for their latest project called The Sexy Brutale, and with a name like that, we already have high expectations for the game.

Sexy Brutale
Although the trailer only hints at what The Sexy Brutale is about we do know a few things about it. The game is set in a mansion as players are placed in the shoes of an aged priest attending a masked ball. What the party goers are blissfully unaware of is that their lives are in danger and it’s up to the elderly priest to stop them from being killed. the catch is that the party is on an endless time loop (similar to the Groundhog day movie). The gameplay is based around traveling back in time and finding ways in which to prevent the deaths of the various party goers. Luckily the priest gains unique occult skills that will aid him in his mission.

The game is set to launch early next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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